Thursday, September 6, 2012

My August 2012 Favourites

This month, I don’t have too many cosmetic favourites, especially since I was saving my money for PAX, and because my job ceased to exist around the middle of the month. I do have a couple obsessions to mention, though.

Cosmetic Favourites:

  1. German-icure:

    I’m sure I mentioned this in my swatch/review post for this polish, but this was an impulse buy. I had got more tips the shift before this shopping trip than usual, and I fell in love with this polish on first site. I then used it on my toes and my fingers twice in the same month, which isn’t something I usually do, considering how many polishes I own! (If you want to see swatches of this polish, check out my German-icure post.)
  2. Burton travel crystal file:

    I absolutely love my mini crystal file, so when I was at the PNE this year I got the one inside a travel case, because its not fun trying to carry around a file in a tube that pops open after about 5 minutes in my bag.

    I love these, because they actually help my nails keep from chipping, and smooth out rough edges without the shredding I get from other types of files.
  3. Body Shop Satsuma Shower Gel:


    I’ve actually had this for a while, and it’s probably my 4th bottle, but this is my favourite scent from Body Shop. It smells so good; fresh, sweet, and clean! I was using another body wash for the last little while to get rid of it, but have since gone back to this, so I’ve been reminded again how much I love it!

Non-cosmetic Favourites:

  1. Iced tea: (Image from

    Both the drink crystals for lemon iced tea, and also making strong hot tea and pouring it over ice! So delicious on hot days!
  2. John Green Books:

    When I finished my summer semester, I got a couple John Green books out of the library and practically devoured them! I think each one was read in no more than two days. I don’t care if they are meant as teen literature, I think they are amazing. John’s writing is beautiful and insightful, and his stories are funny, moving, relatable. He is quickly becoming my favourite author! My favourite of his books so far is “The Fault in Our Stars.”

    For those wondering, my previous favourite author was David Levithan, who John Green has actually written a book with! It’s called “Will Grayson, Will Grayson;”  haven’t got around to that one yet, but I am excited for it. My favourite David Levithan book is “The Realm of Possibility.”
  3. My fan: (Image from

    I don’t have too much to say about this. However its pretty much my saviour during the stupidly hot summer days, as I tend to overheat way too quickly!

And, because I couldn’t think of another way to show you guys, I thought I’d pop this in here. Here’s an awesome free makeup bag I got thanks to the lovely girls on r/makeupaddiction and their promo codes. Unfortunately the offer is over. Anyways, here’s what I got on mine (it was blank and you picked pictures for it):


Thanks for reading, let me know what you think in the comments!

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