Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Nail Art looks

This year I did a few different nail art designs for Christmas, so I thought I’d wait until after Christmas to post them all in one post.

First, I did candy cane nails, which were pretty simple, as long as you can keep a steady hand, and the final product ends up looking pretty fantastic. Here’s mine:

IMAG2195Above: natural light. | Below: with flash.IMAG2196

I apologize for all the little lines in the polish here, but it was taking forever to dry, and I hadn’t realise that the polish wasn’t set yet before I went to bed, so it ended up looking a little messy, but you get the general idea.

Also, I just wanted to point out how I did the red, even though I don’t think it shows up very well in the pictures. I wanted a glittery look without having to put glitter over top of everything, and without a red glitter polish, I painted my nails with holographic glitter polish followed by my red OPI. I was really pleased to find out that the glittery shone through in the final product.

Next, I attempted snowflake nails. After googling images of different people’s takes on snowflake nail art, I was a little confused about which one was best, so my nails ended up being a conglomerate of differing ideas. I think they turned out alright, though, with potential of being even cuter when attempted by someone more artistic than me:

IMAG2199Above: left hand. There’s glitter on my pointer to cover up the fact that I smudged that snowflake a bit. | Below: right hand. Since I’m right handed, the snowflakes on my right hand are a little shaky, but I still think I managed quite well.IMAG2200

Sorry about the pre-clean up pictures, apparently they are the only ones I took of this look.

Finally, for the week of Christmas itself, I didn’t so much do nail art, as simple covering my nails in glitter. I used an old green glitter I had kicking around as the base, as I was originally planning on doing Christmas light nails, but then layered on a silver and black chunky glitter, and also a holographic glitter. Here’s how they looked:

100_0101Above: the in-focus shot. I hope you like the improved quality. As I mentioned in my Present Haul post, I got a new, 14 megapixel camera for Christmas, so my photos are going to start being a lot better. | Below: I love including out of focus shots of holographic glitter, so you can really see the rainbow effect!100_0099

The result was very cute (in my opinion) but a little heavy, since there were so many layers of polish (base coat, two coats of green, one coat of each glitter, and a top coat). As such, this polish chipped and peeled very easily, and I ended up repainting about half the nails at least once by the end of Christmas Day.

Finally, as a bonus, I did some “snow nails” on my little sister. Try to ignore the chips and random blue polish she touched up some of the chips with… she’s terrible for leaving nail polish alone. I really like the effect though, it turned out almost exactly how I hoped. This was a coat of flat white polish, a coat of white pearl polish, and then a layer of holographic glitter:100_0103

What did you do to your nails for Christmas?


  1. These are so pretty! :D I started doing Christmas manicures pretty early (October I think? LOL) and I did snowflakes, candy cane nails, holly and a few others. So much fun! :D

    Happy new year! ^-^

  2. Happy New Year to you too!

    I wish I had time to do New Years nails, but I don't have time as I work tomorrow morning (not suppose to wear polish at work) and am then going almost straight out after!


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