Sunday, September 4, 2011

Make Up!!

Alright, so lately I've been even more obsessed with nail polish, nail art, makeup, and clothes than usual, so I had a random idea that I'd try writing a beauty themed blog and see if anyone likes it.

I'll post about different nail designs I try, products I like, and fashion looks I want to try, or stuff I buy. Also, since I want to try out the Glymm Box and Luxe Box subscription services, which send you deluxe sized samples of awesome beauty products for a small monthly fee ($10 or $12), I'll post pictures of my boxes, what I get, along with my opinions on those products.

I hope you give my blog a chance, comment, contact me, and, if you like anything I say, feel free to share posts with your friends! My main objective with this blog is just to share my opinions with people, so the more people see and like what I'm posting, the happier I'll be.

<3 Kristy

PS, if there's anything you want to see here, feel free to let me know!

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