Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Current Nails

So, I thought for my first post, I thought I would just give show you guys what I’ve got on my nails right now. I usually paint my nails about once a week, unless they start chipping early, because I work at a restaurant on Saturdays, so I have to strip my poor lovely manicures off every Friday night, whether they’re chipping or not.

Anyways, right now I’m my manicure is really simple, but I think it also looks really pretty:


I just used my black OPI nail polish as a base, and covered it in this cheap bronze glitter polish that I bought from one of those carts that sits in the hallways of so many malls. I’m sure its not the greatest quality, and when I tried to Google the brand – Fascino – I don’t think I found anything about it, but it was quite cheap, and I got three shades for the price of one OPI, so I was satisfied!IMAG1526

Besides, I think it looks really good layered over the black. Please ignore my messy cuticles, the poor things get abused at work, and sometimes its hard to get them perfect before I put on my polish!

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