Thursday, May 4, 2017

Quick Life Update & Apology for Being Inconsistant!

Hey guys! I say this a lot both here and on Twitter, especially in the last couple of months, but I am really sorry that I've been so inconsistent with both blog posts and videos! I just wanted to pop up what I hope will be a quick blog post to explain a little bit about what's been going on in my life, and why I haven't been as around as usual.

My family (who I live with) found out at the end of February that we had to move out of our house as soon as possible. As you might imagine, packing stuff up—and moving things, as soon as we got a new house—became a priority over my blog and channel, since this is a hobby for me rather than a job, though I'd love for it to be both! So there's been that. I have, clearly, got several posts and videos up since then, but they have been fairly sporadic. I've been better about filming, but for the most part I have found it hard to find time to edit and upload, or to sit down and write...

As of last Sunday—April 30th—we're fully and completely moved into our new house, so I no longer have that as a reason to be a shitty blogger. However, in a bittersweet turn of events, I now have a job! It's great, because I've had a hard time finding one the last little while, and it'll be great to have financial independence back again. Also, because I'm actually working for a brand and company that I really love, and as of my first three shifts, I'm not hating the job. For those wondering, I was hired as a barista at Starbucks; maybe that isn't great or glamorous or anything, and maybe it is following the stereotype of English Majors getting jobs at cafes, but I'm liking it so far, so I'm not too bothered. The downside to a new job, of course, is that it means I have a lot less free time. It has completely thrown my filming/editing/uploading schedule into question, but as I'm part time at least to start, I'm going to do my best to find time to get back into my three-posts-a-week schedule: Two videos on Mondays and Fridays, and one blog post on Wednesdays.

I can't promise it will work out, but I'm gonna give it a couple of weeks, see how my work schedule goes, and then adjust if necessary. But yes! I just wanted to explain why I have been so sporadic with my "schedule" recently, and let you know I really hope to get back on track. I still love blogging and YouTube, but I'm all about having a routine that works and it feels like it's been a while since I had a comfortable routine that fit writing, filming, and editing. I'm working on it, and thanks so much for anyone who has stuck with me here and/or on my channel, twitter, or instagram. I hope to be better with my social media in the near future as well, but it's all about balance and not burning out!

Thanks for reading that blob of pure text, if you did! Don't forget to check back again tomorrow morning (or whenever you do stuff like that) for a brand new video. And let me know in the comments if there are any posts: blog or video, that you'd like to see in the near future!

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