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REVIEW || Pixi Beauty Makeup Products || Revisiting Products in my Pixi PR Haul -- Pt. 1

Hi guys! It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post that was not a video update, but here I am!

I thought it was time to update you on my thoughts on some of the Pixi Beauty Products I got from the event I went to back in February, now that I've had a good long time to test them. In case you didn't see it, click here to check out my Pixi Beauty PR Haul. Unfortunately, I did have to toss the mascaras (because of the pinkeye last month 😞), so I don't have much to say about those, but I have been using lots of the other products, and I'm ready to share my thoughts! Let's start with makeup.

Pixi PR haul

Oh, and to be clear, I was gifted these products at the Pixi launch event, but I was not required to write about them and have not been paid to talk about or promote Pixi products. All opinions expressed here are—as always—100% my own.

Endless Brow Gel Pen in Medium

brow pencil

I still pretty much agree with my last assessment of this pencil: for me it's way too creamy and soft, and thus really easy to use too much product! The colour is pretty good, if a little ashy and cool toned. It worked better with my natural hair colour, though, than with my now-henna'd hair, since my hair has too much red in it for the ashy brows to look right. I do like that this pencil sets so you don't technically need a gel on top of it... it does the work of two products that way, which is nice. But I have to use a very light hand to get the right look with this product. I'd still suggest looking into it, if you don't mind using it carefully and love the idea of two products in one step.

Book of Beauty Contour Creator

Contour Book

contour book swatches

I still think this is definitely my favourite thing I got to test out. I've been using it almost every time I do my makeup since I got it! The powders are all super pigmented, so you can get a soft look with a light hand and/or lots of blending, or pile on the pigmentation, if that's your jam. These are incredibly blendable, and I don't even mind how much powder my brushes kick up every time I dip into one of these shades. All of the bronzer/contour colours look great even on my pale skin; in fact, my favourite contour colour is the deepest one! I like to dip in very softly and then blend like crazy, but the deep shadow effect is perfect! I also really like that there's a nearly white shade for highlighting or baking, though sometimes I mix it with the more yellowy-beige shade to tone it down. Finally, that soft pink makes a gorgeous subtle highlighter or blush shade, somewhat similar in tone to Dandelion from Benefit. On deeper skin tones, though, I suppose it would be more of a highlight, as it's very soft.

Flawless & Poreless Primer

Flawless and Poreless Primer

To be honest, I'm still sceptical about whether primers do a whole lot, at least for me. That said, I have been really enjoying this one, because it seems to be hydrating and smoothing without being oily or feeling like a lotion, which is great. It still lets all my foundations sit like they usually do alone, with the added benefit of smoothing out any dry patches, so I don't look flake-y... which is never a nice look! I would recommend this one to anyone with dry combination skin, like me—this stuff doesn't make your oilier areas look oily, keeps your foundation in place, and smooths and hydrates dry patches! At least in my experience, it's hard to find something that does good things to both the dry and oily areas of my face!

Large Lash Mascara in Brown

Large Lash Mascara

I know I said I didn't get a lot of time to test the mascaras, but there are two I wanted to say a little about. One is this one, which I got to test in Brown. I was unsure about brown mascara before, since I'm an all-black mascara girl... but it looks really great if you just want a subtle look! I have pretty blonde, invisible lashes without product, so I put mascara on even when I'm doing no other makeup, and this brown looks a lot less harsh and more natural on almost-no-makeup days, which I did really like. It isn't waterproof, but I didn't have a lot of smudging or anything the couple times I got to wear it, which seemed a good sign. It does claim to be smudge-proof, to be fair. I also tested this in my brows as a brow gel, since I use a pretty dark brown shade in my brows anyways, and I also liked it for that, though with the large brush, you need some care and precision to keep the product off your skin!

Lash Booster Waterproof Mascara in Black

Lash Booster Mascara

This is the second mascara I wanted to touch on: it's super black, waterproof, and has a great dense little brush! I really like how this one applied, how it built up, and how it lasted through the day without any flaking, and obviously no smudging... because it's waterproof! I wish I had had more time with this great mascara, and I might even repurchase it in the future to give it another go!

Mattelustre Lipstick in Rose Naturalle

Lipstick Opened

Lipstick Swatch

To be fair, this lipstick is not really my colour. I haven't worn it a lot because of this, but I have tested it out pretty well, I think... it doesn't take a long time to figure out how you like a new lipstick! This one is pretty well pigmented, if not entirely opaque. It feels nice and moisturising on the lips, is fairly glossy, not thick or matte. I'm really not sure why they are called a mattelustre? Maybe they mean matte as in no shimmer, and lustre as in... glossy? It's a nice enough lipstick, however. This shade is a good basic nude for most people with a bit of a pink tinge so you look more alive than a more mauve-y nude. It's pretty, but like I said, not a shade I reach for often. I wish they'd given me a brighter or deeper shade to test!


Originally, I was going to go over all the products in one big post, but the PR Haul post was already super long, so I have decided to split my review into two posts. These were all the makeup products I plan to review, I think I only skipped one mascara which I didn't get to test enough to have opinions. I hope that this post was helpful, and don't forget to check back next Wednesday for part 2: Pixi Skincare Products!

In the meantime, leave me a comment if you've ever tried any of these products, or tell me about anything else from Pixi you loved!

Thanks for reading!

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