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Non-Beauty Favourites || My Top 5 TV Show Suggestions on (Canadian) Netflix + 10 Honourable Mentions

Hello again! I'm back with another round of non-beauty favourites, and today I'm talking about my favourite TV shows that you can watch on Netflix. There are some great ones I have to leave out of this post because they are not on Netflix, but maybe I'll get to those in another post. I do hope you're enjoying these random posts, because I'm enjoying putting them together!

Anyways, I was originally only going to pick 5, but I like a lot of stuff, so for my Top 5, I've picked shows I think are really excellent, really deserve your attention. The rest I've called honourable mentions, some of which I feel were very popular when they were airing on TV, and maybe don't need my praise... but I love them, and they are available on Netflix Canada (as a Canadian, that is the Netflix I have access to!), and if you haven't seen them, I really think you should try them out! Anyways, without furhter ado, let's get into some of my favourite shows on Netflix!

Top 5

1. Jessica Jones

This one was super popular on the internet, so I'm sure LOTS of people have already seen it, but if, like me, you hesitate to jump on a bandwagon, because if everyone is going on about something, it can't be that great... I need to tell you to get off your high horse and try Jessica Jones! It's truly fantastic. It's a little bit film noir, a little bit thriller-y and creepy, mysterious, alluring, and fascinating. I had the hardest time stopping. And it's only 13 episodes, so what do you have to lose? Seriously, give it a go. If you're hesitant because of Kristen Ritter, because you've only seen her play cute, ditsy, hipstery airheads, don't worry, Jessica Jones is nothing like that, and Ritter does an amazing job as a strong—if damaged—female lead. Also, it has David Tennant, so that's a reason to watch, right there. I almost want to go rewatch it, now that I'm thinking about it again!

Not convinced, maybe the trailer will help:

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Image from

I'm not usually a comedy fan, or a fan of Andy Samberg (though some Lonely Island songs are funny, but this is a really great, light-hearted, and funny show. If you like Parks & Recreation, this show has a very similar feel to it, but instead of a small government department in Indiana, you're in a police precinct in Brooklyn. It's so funny, and easy to watch a one or a couple, because while there is a story arc or two in each season, the episodes are also really easy to enjoy as one-offs. All the characters are very endearing, and one thing I actually like better than in Parks & Rec, you don't have to feel as sorry for the office punching bags as I always did about poor Jerry/Gary/Larry... maybe that shouldn't have made me so angry, but I hated how they picked on him =(

But anyways, off-topic, wrong show... Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, you'll love it, there are 3 seasons on Netflix and a 4th one airing, so there's more to come! Honestly it's so much better than this trailer makes it look, but here it is if you want it:

3. Gotham

Image from

This is probably one of the best DC comics related things I've personally seen, aside from the Dark Knight trilogy. It's a Batman prequel that acts like a crime drama, mostly focusing on a young Detective James Gordon (future Commissioner Gordon), but also features young Bruce Wayne, and some other future Batman characters as children or younger adults. It starts with the killing of Bruce's parents, and the investigation into that crime, but it's such a good show. It's dark sometimes, but that's Batman for you. Gotham is a scary place full of scary people, and it's so cool to see a take on the events that shaped the various beloved heroes and villians of the Batman franchise. Also, Benjamin Mackenzie... who proves he is a much better actor even than his portrayal of Ryan Atwood may have made you think!

4. Broadchurch

Image from

Another show with David Tennant... I won't try to hide the fact that I think he is a brilliant actor and have made every effort to search out as many things that he has done that I can. If you haven't seen Doctor Who, specifically from the reign of the Tenth Doctor, you may not understand my near obsession with this actor, but I promise you he is fantastic. Maybe he is not exactly attractive, but I don't give a shit because he is so talented. I've seen him portray a wide variety of characters and he nails each one. So I have to admit that was a large motivating factor in me watching this show.

That said, this show is excellent, whether or now you care about Tennant, or just want a great, dramatic, heart-wrenching, captivating show about a small town murder and the aftermath for those left behind, from the emotional trauma and fractured relationships of those involved, to the police work and twists in the trial. It's such a good show, and has so many twists and turns that it really keeps you guessing about how things really went down. All of the characters are interesting and complex with their own stories, and there is so much going on in this fantastic show. You just have to keep watching.

5. The Crown

Image from

I was so excited when Netflix announced that this show was coming out, because I'm love England, English history, and the royal family, especially Elizabeth. I also really enjoyed the movie The Queen, with Helen Mirren, which was about more recent history of Queen Elizabeth, so yes, I was excited for a show about Elizabeth as a new monarch, and about the beginning of her reign. And this show has not let me down in the least. It's quiet, in a British way, and may take some liberties with history, or what can even be known about the historical facts of private conversations, such as between the Queen and her sister, but all in all, it's a great show. It's dramatic and beautiful, and Claire Foy and Matt Smith were the perfect choices to play the young Queen and Prince Philip respectively. Besides, it's lovely to see Matt Smith in something new because he hasn't done a lot, and I just love him as a person!

So yes, if you love history, Britain, the royal family, Matt Smith, historical fiction, dramas, British tv, or all of the above, you should definitely give this show a shot! Apparently this show didn't get as many views as hoped, but they are making a Season 2, so hopefully more people will watch and we'll get more of this beautiful series!

Honourable Mentions / Obvious Suggestions

Here are a few shows also on Canadian Netflix which I loved, but which were either hugely popular when they were airing on TV, so I probably don't need to tell you how great they are. These you probably have seen, or know why you don't care to watch them, but in case you missed them, I thought I'd make a quick list. And then a few are just other great shows available on Netflix which weren't quite good enough to bump one of my top 5, but which I still seriously loved.

Besides, it wouldn't be a top 5 list from me if I didn't cheat and add some extras, because I can never bloody choose.

1. Glee

Image from

Musical, sometimes goofy, sometimes serious, big, lovely cast, fun recent (at the time) song covers... I just loved this show and really want to do a rewatch!

2. Friends

I don't know what there is to say about this. You probably already know all about it, you've probably seen clips, if not the whole damn series. But it is so great, I can rewatch it again and again. It's classic and on Netflix, so yeah, just throwing it out there.

3. Gilmore Girls

Image from

I watched the first season or 2 of this show, but my parents didn't like it, so at the time, their preferences over-rode mine. Instead, I finally watched the whole show this year on Netflix in anticipation of the new special episodes. And damn, it's a good show. I can definitely see wanting to rewatch in the future, because most of the characters are so lovely, and it's fun watching Rory grow up. And I love Luke.

4. Sherlock

This is a great British tv show and modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes stories. It's so well written, filmed, and acted, and you have to watch it. It's very short, there are only 3 seasons of 3 episodes each, and I think one special. So less than a full season of Game of Thrones. You won't regret taking the time!

5. Misfits

Image from

Another British drama-y type show. This one is about some delinquents who get super powers through a freak storm, and their lives after. The first 2 or 3 seasons are the best, but if you start, you may as well finish up. I really enjoyed it.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Image from

I started this one on a whim because I wanted to watch something fluffy but didnt want to finish Fresh Prince yet. But honestly, its really funny. It sweet and quirky and not stupid comedy in that loud obnoxious way. Its weird, its like its still kinda dumb, but sometimes it feels intelligent too? Yeah, give it a go. There are 3 seasons on Netflix and I think another is coming.

7. Fresh Prince of Bel-air

Image from

Another show I'm sure you've seen clips of, if not full episodes. But it's so damn good, and its so interesting how some of the racial commentary is still so relevant. Which makes it sound serious, and it can be, like any good comedy can, but it's also really fun and funny and Will Smith has always been fantastic. Also, some of the meta/self-awareness moments in this show are just gold.

8. Supergirl

Image from

And finally, I have to recommend Supergirl! The first season is now available on Netflix, and the second season is still currently airing. I really love the way they've approached it, and I'm glad that the tone and look haven't changed too much with the station switch to the CW. It doesn't have the same feel as the other CW DC Comics shows (Arrow, the Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow)... I'm not sure why, but I just love it so much more. Maybe because it seems to be more heavily focussed on a female protagonist. I'm not sure. There's a level of cheesiness to this show as well, it's very bubbly and happy as often as possible, and I just really recommend it.

And here are a couple I want to watch, but haven't yet, so I can't suggest them formally:

9. Medici: Masters of Florence

A few things are at play here: 1) this is a Netflix show, and they seem to be pretty damn good at stuff, 2) Richard Madden, 3) I love history, and this is about the Medicis... the Renaissance... one of my favourite periods to learn about! I love me some good historical fiction, as well, so really this just looks great. Plus Jodi (blogger @ was tweeting about how good it was recently, which helps.

10. The Vampire Diaries

Honestly, I just love vampires, but I never got around to this show. It seems to have been popular though, let me know your thoughts if you ever watched it. It intrigues me.


Let me know any great shows available on Netflix that you think I should have included or need to watch in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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