Saturday, November 12, 2016

Tag || Winter is Coming

Hey guys! Today I just have a fun tag for you that I put together because I hadn't done one in a while but couldn't find a good one around. I'll leave the questions here and in the description of the video, as well as the people I'd love to have do the tag as well, but as always, I tag everyone! Leave me a comment if you do this tag too!

Also! I'd like to do a Q&A video soon, if people are interested in watching that! So if you are, make sure you leave me your questions in the comments!

Click here to watch in HD, or watch below:

The Questions:

  1. Is winter your Favourite season?
  2. Favourite winter sport?
  3. Favourite Winter beverage?
  4. New Year's or Christmas? (Or another Winter Holiday)
  5. Best Christmas present as a kid?
  6. Playing in the snow, or inside with tea and a book?
  7. Favourite Christmas movie?
  8. Worst thing about winter?
  9. Best winter-related scent?
  10. Favourite part of Winter fashion?
  11. Turkey or Ham?
  12. Do you get dressed up for Christmas, or PJs all day?
  13. Crank the heat or layer up your clothes?
  14. When do you think it is acceptable to start decorating for Christmas?
  15. Tree-toppers: star or angel?

I Tag (alphabetically, like a nerd):

  • Aleeza | Stylish & Literate
  • Amanda Roberts
  • Amanda Speroni
  • Amy Sousa
  • Ania | Makeup&More
  • BrittyxBeauty
  • Brit / StarlessBooks
  • Chelle / Makeup Your Mind
  • Chelsea / oliveandivyblog
  • Christine Ang
  • Classy On The Run
  • HeyGorgeousxxx
  • Holly Dowling
  • Holly Housewife
  • H Wong
  • Jaime / Girl Loves Gloss
  • Jayne / Cosmetic Proof
  • Jenn F / ABeautifulZen
  • JenniiferLouiise
  • Jillian Ness
  • Jodi / uptherollercoaster
  • Katelyn Cuthill
  • Katherine Lake / TheGreenBows
  • Megan / megilee
  • missalyssa977
  • Miz Lulu
  • Raincouver Beauty
  • Rae / TheNotice
  • Rebecca Pilozo
  • Samantha Jane
  • SariReanna
  • Spiffykerms
  • Stephanie Lau / FunsizeBeauty
  • TheresBeautyInSimplicity
  • ... and YOU!!

Thanks for watching!

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