Wednesday, October 19, 2016

30 Day Lipstick Challenge || Update # 2 || Second Week

Hey guys! It's been another week, so here I am to show you the next week of lipsticks in my 30-day lipstick challenge. If you didn't see my first week, check out my first 10 lipsticks round-up post before you read this post! Once again, I will be inserting my Instagram pictures of each lipstick, as well as a quick review of each lipstick! Make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with the rest of the challenge, if you don't already.

To make things line up nicely, I'm only sharing 6 lipsticks in this post, but the final 2 posts will be full 7-day weeks. Hope that isn't confusing!! So let's jump into the lipsticks:

11. MAC Lipstick in Creme Cup

This simple baby-pink nude is so pretty and feminine, and natural enough to go with just about any makeup look. Great for daytime, and super comfortable because it's a cremesheen formula. So it's more soft and moisturizing feeling, instead of heavy or drying like some of MAC's matte, satin, and amplified formula lipsticks. Great basic shade for anyone.

12. MAC Lipstick in Impassioned

This was my first-ever MAC lipstick, and I still love it! It's an amplified formula, so it's opaque, pigmented, and even starts to mattify after some time. I love the bright, warm (almost coral) pink of this shade, as well as the incredible lasting power. I would definitely recommend this colour if you are looking for a great, bright, warm pink lipstick.

13. MAC Lipstick in Matte Royal

I adore this shade. It's bright, deep, and bold, and lasts for ages without feathering. The matte formula keeps it in place, though it isn't like a liquid matte lipstick that dries down and won't smear. It's still creamy, but that makes it more comfortable. I love that this is definitely blue, not nearly-black like some blue lipsticks, and I love how it punches up the blue tones in my eyes (it would also contrast beautifully with brown eyes). I thought I wouldn't be comfortable in it the first time I tried it on in store, but I fell in love immediately, and had to have this gorgeous, unique shade!

14. Colourpop Lippie Stix in Grind

I'm sure you already know of the greatness of Colourpop Lippie Stix, they're small, inexpensive, high-quality, and come in a range of fantastic, and sometimes strange colours! This matte purple is a touch on the bright and warm side, and I find it super wearable. It's also similar in shade to the Kat Von D L.U.V. liquid lipstick, but a bit warmer. I love this colour!

15. Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 01

This is basically my favourite basic red lipstick. I love that it's a neutral tone, possibly leaning slightly on the blue side, but mostly a true red lipstick. The scent of the Rimmel lipsticks is pretty appalling, in my opinion, but they are well-priced and comfortable! The lasting power is nothing special on this basic lipstick, it isn't matte or drying at all (which is an upside in some ways), so it does come off pretty easily, especially if you're eating.

16. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes

Finally, you might remember I just picked this lipstick up at Vancouver IMATS in July, and I really do love this formula! This is my third shade, and the mousse-y texture goes on quick and smooth before drying down pretty quickly into a nearly-smudgeproof layer on your lips. It's completely matte, not flaky, and not at all heavy. I frequently forget I'm wearing these! Also, with this beautiful nude shade, it fades so softly that I don't have to touch it up if I don't want to, it's such a great My-lips-but-better shade! I love that it isn't just a brown nude, but also has a hint of peachy pinkness so it looks really natural and pretty.

That's all for now, don't forget to check out last week if you haven't already, and subscribe and follow on Instagram to follow the rest of the challenge!

Thanks for reading!

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