Saturday, May 28, 2016

WISHLIST || 15 things I'd love to buy right now || Beauty, Fashion, etc.

Hi guys! Just another fun post for you today; I thought I'd share with you a bunch of the stuff that has been sitting on my wishlists, some that have been there a long time, and some newer, but all great stuff! I've broken my list into three categories, as you will see below: beauty (makeup and skincare), fashion (clothes, shoes, and accessories), and other.

None of the pictures are mine, all images were created using Polyvore, because obviously I don't own any of these things myself, I just want to! And polyvore makes it super easy to put together product collages =D


Beauty Wishlist
  1. Kat Von D Shade & Light Eye Palette || Pretty self explanatory... this palette is gorgeous, warm, and matte. And youtube seems to love it.
  2. Too Faced Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette || This is the chocolate bar palette that most appeals to me personally. It kust looks so so nice, with all those warm browns, and that gorgeous blue!
  3. Foreo Luna Mini || I don't care about getting the newest one... I don't see much of a difference, and would be happy to accept a sale price on the older model!
  4. Some Colourpop ultra satin lipsticks (Petit Four, Panda, Marshmallow, and Prim) || Yes, I am cheating picking several shades here, but they're so pretty!
  5. Some NYX Liquid Suede lipstick (Stone Fox, Vintage, Soft-Spoken, Pink Lust, and Amethyst) || More cheating! Again, these are so pretty, I needs them all!


Fashion wishlist
  1. Strappy Bra || I'm not set on a specific one yet, but I love the idea of these... and the one pictured above is from BlackMilk!
  2. Converse All-Star Low-Top Chucks || Probably the classic black and white, which I've actually never owned in the hightops... I've had black and pink, pink, all black (including the rubber), and grey... but yeah, for the low-tops, I think I'd go with the classic thing.
  3. ThinkGeek Spellbook Billfold || This is just so cool!! I've loved it since I first saw it! How fun would it be to feel like you're pulling out a fancy spellbook everytime you reach for your wallet?!
  4. Alexander Wang Rocco bag (probably the rose gold or gold hardware) || This is the first huge ticket item on the list, though not quite the biggest. These are stunning, and so so cool! I love studs, I love black leather, and I looooove these bags! One day...
  5. A long, flowy, summery skirt || These are so hard to find, for whatever reason... I like the long, flowy, crinkly ones that look like hippy skirts. And I live in these in summer and spring, because they are cute, comfy, and cool. I only have 2, I think, I can wear out, so I'd love another!


Random/tech wishlist
  1. One of my tattoos || There are two tattoo ideas that I have, but one is smaller and I actually know where I want it, pretty sure. I want a dftba tattoo (stands for "don't forget to be awesome" for you non-nerdfighters) on the inner side of my wrist. Not across the veins below my palm, because that creeps me the fuck out, but down the side, kinda in line with the thumb. If that makes any sense. ((For those wondering, my other tattoo is the quote: "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live" in a simple script-y font... but I have no idea just yet where I should get it.))
  2. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 || I'm not even sure I have a good reason for wanting this, but I do, and I'm slightly obsessive about it! I think they're cool because they are a pretty impressive tablet computer running full windows, but with the addition of the keyboard-case, its like a fancy, special laptop. I think they look cool, the size is good, and they'd be great for doing non-intense things on my own device wherever I want, because it's pretty damn portable.
  3. New camera (better battery life, better colour settings, possibly audio input.) || Now, I don't think the camera I film on now is all that bad in terms of quality—I think it offers pretty good sound and picture... but it only allows me to film in 10 minute bursts, and the battery dies completely after 1 hour of filming... sometimes as little as 40 minutes!! This is super annoying if I'm having a filming day, because I'll get through my makeup video, and then the camera dies. And it takes at least an hour to charge up so I can continue! So annoying. I'd love a big DSLR amazing camera, but that is so far outside my budget I don't know how to contemplate spending $1000 on a camera, so I'm currently eyeing the G7x.
  4. Filming lights (softboxes or ring light) || I honestly think this would improve my image quality far more than a new camera. I currently film with a mix of natural light (when I can), a standing lamp, a reading lamp pointed directly at me, and the room lights behind me... And I usually look pretty yellow. Camera settings won't fix it. I'd love some good, white studio lights to help even things out.
  5. New microphone for recording, voice-overs, and gaming/internet calling. || More for talking on the internet than anything else, but I would like to be able to capture quality audio for my videos, if possible. Right now, I film with the camera's mic, and play games hoping my old headset's mic will pick up from a couple feet from my face, because that headset is too broken to wear, but the mic still works. It's a pretty ghetto situation, not at all ideal. I'm not set on a Blue Snowball (pictured above), though, and am open to other suggestions, should you have any!

Let me know if you have or have tried any of the things listed, as well as some of the things you've been dying to buy recently!

Thanks for reading!

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