Monday, May 2, 2016

HAUL || Vancouver CBB Meetup & Swap at Yew Seafood + Bar

Hi guys! Last Saturday I went to Yew Seafood + Bar downtown for a brunch meetup with a bunch of Vancouver members of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers network. We had food, obviously, as well as swapping a bunch of products, so I thought I would share my food (which you may have already seen on my Instagram), as well as my haul of fun new products to play around with!

First, here's a look at my food:

My fish & chips

I got the fish & chips, which was really good, but quite expensive. The restaurant is pretty pricey over all, so this dish was $25. It's a lot bigger than it looks though... I couldn't even finish all my fries! The fish was really well cooked, not soggy or squishy, but still tender and tasty. The batter was really crisp, and not too greasy at all. The freies were good, nothing special, but certainly nothing to complain about, and I loved the lemon zest or lemon salt or whatever they sprinkled over the fish, because it gave a really nice citrus-y tang.

Also, I just need to mention, instead of how some restaurants give you bread while you wait for your food... at Yew they brought us pretty generous plates of mini sugar donuts and a strawberry sauce as an appetizer! Which was both delicious and adorable! I wish I'd thought to take a picture!

Anyways, after food, we dumped what we brought on the big table and everyone went around and picked out anything they wanted to take. There was so much, and I got a bunch of great things! Here's a look at the table!

stuff on the table

I couldn't fit everything into my picture, but you get the idea. Here's what I got in the end:

my haul

I'm not going to go into everything in depth, because I've only slightly had a chance to play with most of the things, but you can look out for these items in future tutorials, grwm, etc... or feel free to ask for a review of anything you're interested in!

So I got:

  • 2 temporary hair colours from Garnier
  • 2 mini Clean fragrances
  • DHC Primer (which is completely whited out in the picture!)
  • Broadway Impress Nails
  • Sephora eye brush set
  • Chella brow pencil
  • Body Shop lip & cheek tint chubby pencil
  • Maybelline Cheeky Glow
  • Julep Highlighter
  • Maybelline Liquid Lipstick
  • Joe nude nail polishQuo by Orly nude nail polish
  • Essie fuchsia nail polish
  • The Face Shop lashes
  • Illamasqua Eyeshadow Quad
  • Oldschool Urban Decay Lipstick
  • Pur Blush Duo
  • Urban Decay Ammo Palette
  • Wet n Wild 8-colour eyeshadow palette
  • China Glaze nail polish
  • OPI pink metallic nail polish

Let me know if you've tried any of the stuff above and your thoughts, or if you live in Vancouver and have ever been to Yew Bar before! Thanks for reading!

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