Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vlog || 6th Anniversary Trip to Harrison Hot Springs

Hey guys! This past weekend was my boyfriend and my 6 year dating anniversary — October 30th, to be specific — so we decided to take a short 1-night trip up to Harrison Hot Springs for something fun and different! I decided to vlog a bit both to show you around, and just for memory's sake really! I think it could be cool later on to look back at a quick little video of what we did for our anniversary :P

In case you don't know, and unless you live in British Columbia as well, I imagine you wouldn't know, but Harrison Hot Springs is about an hour and a half drive from Vancouver, and up in the mountains, I guess. Natural hot springs are cooled and processed to be safe for bathing and swimming, and this little resort town has basically grown around with tons of hotels and spas and restaurants. It's a really pretty place, and would probably be a lovely place to visit in the summer or spring, but I thought it was gorgeous and kinda old-school gothic even in the rainy, foggy fall weather we had last weekend!

I hope you enjoy taking a little look at what we got up to over the weekend!

Click here to watch in HD, or watch below:

Thanks for watching!

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