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Review || Herbal Essences Naked Collection || Shine Shampoo/Conditioner + Dry Shampoo

Hello again, guys! Today's blog post is going to be a review of this haircare line from Herbal Essences that I received for review from BzzAgent! I was pretty excited to try this stuff out, because Ihave had some great results from Herbal Essences before, and the scent sounded amazing even before I received my package!

There are a few different formulations in this new line. I'm not sure if there are more, but BzzAgent gave us the option to choose between the Moisture set, the Shine set, and the Volume set. I clearly don't need any more volume in my thick, curly hair, so I opted for the Shine collection. The Moisture products contain "herbs, mint and essential moisturizers," the Volume ones contain grapefruit and mint, and the Shine forumla has white tea and mint.

And my god! The white tea and mint shampoo smells at least as good as you may think! It's light, fresh, and fruity. Kinda like peaches or nectarines, which probably doesn't make sense, but it's soooo nice! Anyways, enough raving about the scent, I should probably get into telling you about the products.

The point of the Naked Collection is that all of the products are free of silicones, parabens, and dyes. Which is great, since those are unnecessary and not really good for your hair anyways! Silicones (if i remember correclty) basically coat your strands to try and glue split ends back together, parabens may or may not cuase cancer, and dyes... are really just there to make you happy because your shampoo and conditioner are pink or aqua blue. Unless you are using a purple shampoo on your blonde hair, you probably don't need or want any dyes.

Herbal Essences Naked Shine Shampoo

As it has no dyes, this shampoo is colourless and clear, because its basically a clarifying formula. The shampoo removes dirt and impurities from your hair without stripping natural moisture. The bottle doesn't make any grand claims, just promising to clean, reveal natural shine, and leave you feeling refreshed.

One thing I did want to point out, is that, while this shampoo claims to be free of unnecessary ingredients, this shampoo does contain sulfates. Personally, I'm not super bothered by sulfates. I know they're in a lot of our soap products, but I like the foaminess, especially in shampoo. I've never liked a sulfate free shampoo before because I never feel like my hair gets clean... But I did feel I needed to mention it in this review for anyone who is bothered by sulfates and might think this product is free of them!

I think this shampoo is great, honestly. It doesn't do anything too special, but sometimes you don't need a complicated moisturizing shampoo. My hair tends to get pretty oily at the roots, possibly because the curls don't really allow the oils to spread evenly, plus I tend not to brush my hair except for right after I wash to avoid Hermione-hair... (book-Hermione, not gorgeous Emma-Watson-Hermione). I found that this left my hair feeling clean, but not with that horrible squeaky, dry feeling some shampoos give my hair.

I have no compliants about this shampoo, and (partially because of the scent) would certainly consider repurchasing.

Herbal Essences Naked Shine Conditioner

This conditioner claims that it "lightly conditions," which I take to mean that it isn't super moisturizing, but is also meant to not weight down hair.

That's great, and I've had no problems with this conditioner leaving my hair feeling dry, but I do also use a serum or oil on my hair after every time I shampoo. It's just a habit, and I couldn't break it even while testing out this collection. I also kinda feel it would have been unfair to do so, considering I do it no matter what shampoo and conditioner I'm using, so if I didn't here, I probably would have felt my hair was drier than usual, for obvious reasons!

Also, not sure this matters, and I do know that even many skin moisturizers contain alcohol, but I find it weird that this conditioner would have alcohol in it. Just leaving that out there...

The conditioner has the same great scent as the shampoo, and I would, again, consider purchasing this for myself.

Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo

I like trying out new dry shampoos, partially just because I've not found one yet that really worked well for me. The closest so far has been Batiste... but that's not what this review is about.

This dry shampoo uses tapioca starch to absorb excess oil, as well as mint to help refresh your hair. The mint mixed with whatever fragrance they have added, however, smells so citrus-y and fruity, and soooo soooo nice! Can you tell I like how this range smells?!

This dry shampoo did a pretty good job. It's still not magic, but maybe my hair is just a little oilier than other people's... or maybe I wait too long to put it in, so it doesn't have a chnce to be effective? Also, I have really thick hair, so I always feel like a full-sized bottle of dry shampoo only lasts me a few uses. I think I'd be pretty lucky to get 10 good uses out of a dry shampoo... Am I doing this wrong?

Still, that said, I think this is about on par with Batiste. And it smells amazing, so even when it doesn't make my hair look fresh and clean, it makes me feel clean enough to throw it into a ponytail that doesn't look like a grease-ball, and I know that I'm going to smell fantastic.


I imagine, just going off of how these products smell, that both the moisture and the voume formulas would also smell fantastic. Hoestly, that's kinda just Herbal Essences's thing, anyways. I would certainly recommend giving this line a try if you're looking for a new shampoo, no matter which of the forumlas you try out. Herbal Essences is probably one of the cheaper drugstore haircare brands, which is great because they're still really good! Plus, it sounds great to skip some of the bad ingredients that are in so many of our products without having to resort to an organic, indie, expensive brand!

Thanks for reading!

These products were sent to me for free for review. This post is not sponsored. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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