Friday, May 31, 2013

BA Star Glitter Makeup & Glue Review

I was sent the products in this post by BA Star to review. They sent me a full-size tube of their Glitter Glue, as well as a full-size (I think) pot of their glitter makeup in Holo Silver.


Okay, before I get into a review or the company, look how bloody pretty this glitter is! (I left the second picture a bit out of focus to really show off the rainbow):




This glitter is very fine, which is great, because it doesn’t have any grittiness or scratchiness when you apply it on the delicate skin on your eye. Though it does have the drawback of getting ALL OVER EVERYTHING! As you can see, it has already started to spread on my desk, in the picture above. That said, what glitter doesn’t get everywhere? I love glitter, don’t get me wrong, but I swear it multiplies, and may well be bent on world domination!

Anyways, aside from your eyes, this could also be used anywhere on your face, and their site also says in your hair, though I’m not sure how, aside from sorta sprinkling it there. I think the most obvious way to use it is on your eyes for a super glittery, fancy, over-the-top eye look!

BA Star also sent me their glitter glue, which comes in a tube like a lipgloss with a doe-foot applicator:




It goes on basically invisible, as you can see below:


And here’s a swatch on my hand of how the glitter adheres to the base:


As you can see, around the base, the glitter is very finely scattered, and is very easy to brush off, but the base holds the glitter really well, and helps get a densely packed, intense glitter look.

Here’s a couple shots of the glitter on my eye over the base, with just some mascara:



My application isn’t perfect, and it can be a little tricky. From my experience so far, it’s basically impossible to apply this without some fallout, but it isn’t too hard to wipe off areas without the Glitter Glue. I would suggest doing an eye look using this before you apply foundation, as well, to reduce rogue glitter.

I think this is a really fun product, and could look really cool over a smoky eye, or to add some sparkle to a colourful look. Because I was curious, I tried swatching the glitter over a couple more bases. The first is over ELFs eyeshadow primer, the second is over a silver Revlon cream shadow, and the third is over a black Revlon cream shadow.


It looks a little neater on the glitter glue than on the shadow primer, and it also rubs off the ELF primer much easier than the glitter glue; just a heads up. I think the cream shadows, though, make for a cool alternative look, and seem to hold onto the glitter fairly well.

FINALLY, I just wanted to let you know, if you’re worried about getting this stuff off your face, I had no trouble getting it off with my Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water, and I’m guessing that any makeup remover will work just as well, just make sure not to rub at it. Try to wipe it off in as few swipes as possible, so as not to scatter the glitter all over your face.


Aside from sending me this fun sample to show off to all of you, BA Star was also nice enough to provide a code for 50% off your purchase if you want to order any of their glitters, or any of their other makeup. Just go to, pick out whatever you want and enter the code BBGLITZ for your discount!

They have tons of great colours of glitter, though the holo is definitely my favourite! They also have some very cool Silver star glitters that look really fun as well! All of their glitters, as well as the Glitter Glue cost $8.75 USD… so with the discount, they’re less than $4.50 each, which is a pretty good deal for

**I was sent these products to review by BA Star through BrandBacker. My opinions, of course, remain completely honest**

Thanks so much for reading!

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