Friday, June 17, 2016

HAUL || #LDBeauty 2016 || Tons of New & Coming-Soon Drugstore Products!

Hi guys! I hope you like long haul videos...!

Here's a look at all the fun products I got from this year's #LDBeauty event, which is an event London Drugs holds every year for press, bloggers, and Youtubers in the beauty world in Vancouver. At this event, they have a bunch of brands come and share stuff that is either just in stores, or else coming out over the summer.

So I thought I'd share my haul with you guys to give you a quick glance at some of the cool new products coming to the drugstore, as well as a peek into the products that I will likely be featuring in upcoming tutorials, GRWMs, and reviews either here on the blog, or in videos (which get posted here anyways)! So make sure to subscribe and follow me on my social media to find out more about my thoughts on these products!

Also, please let me know if there is anything you see here you want to know more about, and I can try to work those products into a review or tutorial as soon as possible!

Click here to watch in HD, or watch below:

Thanks for watching!

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