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REVIEW || Demeter Foolproof Blending Duos & Trios

Hi guys! Today I have a review for you on two different fragrance sets from Demeter. The first is the Foolproof Blending Base Note Trio in Vanilla, which comes with three scents (obviously), including Hawaiian Vanilla, Gingerbread, and Angel Food. The second is the Foolproof Blending Duo Customer Fragrance Kit, which comes with two scents: Jasmine and Lavender. (I was sent these two sets for review, but all opinions in this post are honest and my own.)

So the Vanilla Blending Trio includes three scents, as I just mentioned, but on the box the scents came in there was a scent pyramid, showing different families of base, middle, and top notes in fragrance. A whole fragrance usually has a least one scent in each category, and the three scents included in this set fall into each of those tiers: Hawaiian Vanilla is a top note, Gingerbread is a middle note, and Angel Food is a base note. So the idea is probably that when you layer all these scents together, you get a full scent that will last all day, and subtly morph over time, as the top and then middle notes wear away.

Also, in the box, along with the three scent bottles, there were several fragrance strips (like the ones anywhere that sells perfume), so you can try blending different combinations on the strips without spraying the mixes all on yourself! There aren't a ton of these, but once you get the general idea of how the scents work together in different combinations, you don't really need them, and I think there were plenty for that experimentation.

As for how each scent smells, well... Demeter is pretty damn accurate! All of these scent name work perfectly for these fragrances:

  1. Gingerbread smells fantastic, and is probably my favourite scent in this set. It is spicy, just like gingerbread, but might be a tad strong to wear on it's own. Very festive, probably a fall and winter scent for most people!
  2. Angel Food smells light and vanilla-y. It seems very delicate to me (which makes perfect sense for an angel food cake scent), and definitely smells like cake, for some reason. It's great.
  3. Hawaiian Vanilla smells strongly vanilla-y, to me almost smelling like a vanilla-flavoured alcohol! Which is not to say it smells bad, it's really nice! Again, I'm not sure this one is wearable on it's own for me, but maybe if I just really wanted to smell sweet like candy!

After playing with layering these scents on the strips, I have a few thoughts on a couple of obvious combinations, as well:

  1. 1 spray each of Hawaiian Vanilla and Angel Food + 2 of Gingerbread: I added a second spritz of gingerbread to this mix because I felt like the two vanilla scents overpowered the spicy scent, which I love and wanted more of! You could certainly wear this combo with less gingerbread, and it would be less powerfully spicy, but I loved this combo! It smells almost like creamy cinnamon buns...
  2. 1 Hawaiian Vanilla + 1 Angel Food: together, these basically smell like a vanilla cake. So yummy! Also, the Angel Food helps to balance the more powerful Hawaiian Vanilla, which makes it easier to wear both together than Hawaiian Vanilla on its own... in my opinion of course!
  3. 1 Angel Food + 1 Gingerbread: I found this to be a really lovely mix, and nice and wearable. The Angel Food lightens the spiciness of the Gingerbread. Probably my favourite combo!
  4. 1 Gingerbread + 1 Hawaiian Vanilla: together these two smell just like a Bath and Body Works fall candle!It's a powerful and delicious combination that you might not wear unless it's fall/winter. Unless that's just who you are as a person... This combo could also make a great room spray if you do run out of your favourite B&BW cinnamon-y candle!

So those are basically my thoughts on the Demeter Vanilla Trio... Now, let's take a look at the Custom Fragrance Kit!

As you can see in the above picture, this set comes with two fragrances—Jasmine and Lavender—and also an empty bottle, a tiny funnel, and four little droppers. The idea with this set is basically to mix your own custom perfume, which sounds pretty cool. I wish they had included some fragrance strips to test your blend before you start mixing, so I used a couple left overs from my Trio set. If you didn't have both sets, you could always try the blends on your skin, or even cut your own strips from a piece of paper, maybe.

Obviously, you can also wear the scents alone...

Jasmine is a beautiful, light, floral perfume. Jasmine green tea is pretty much my favourite smell of all time, and this smells pretty much like that. So good!

Lavender is a very real, authentic scent. I personally wouldn't wear this one alone, but I know that some people love lavender, even though it just isn't for me. The fragrance, though, isn't too overpowering or fake smelling.

Oddly, when I tried mixing the two scents equally, I felt they created a floral licorice scent. Which was very weird. So I decided to make my mix 1 part Jasmine and 2 parts Lavender, which smells great, and is what I mixed together in my empty bottle!

I'm sure many of you could have come up with a more imaginitive name for this blend, but you can't say mine isn't descriptive! =D All in all, this is very easy and fun to do, though I do also think that you could just as easily mix the scents together on your skin? I guess the main benefit in having it pre-mixed is that you can choose to wear one spritz of your mixture instead of needing three like I would to make my blend on my skin.

Also, I found that the droppers were pretty flimsy, unfortunately! Grabbing more than three squeezes full managed to pop the seams on every single one. That's why my mixed fragrance is so empty; I just couldn't measure any more with those droppers without making a huge mess everywhere! Still, it was fun to play with.


I think if you are interested in getting one of these sets, I liked the set up of the Trios more. There are more possible combinations, and no messy droppers to deal with. Both types of sets, however, can be found on Demeter's website. The Blending Trios are $45 (USD?), and the Blending Duos are $35 (USD?). You can also pick your own scents to make your own Trio, if that interests you, for the same price.

So that's everything for today! Let me know if you've tried any Demeter scents before, or if you plan on picking up one of these sets!

Also, thanks to the Canadian Beauty Blogger network for the opportunity to review these products! If you'd like to check out what scents other bloggers received, and read their thoughts on these sets, check out the Link-up below!

Thanks for reading!

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