Monday, July 13, 2015

What's On My Android Phone? || Nexus 6 {video + app links/reviews}

No makeup or fashion-y stuff today! Today I'm giving you a peek into my phone. This is probably more interesting for those with an Android phone, or anyone who is just particularly nosey (don't worry, nothing to be ashamed of! :P) Also, below the video is a list of some of my favourite apps, a blurb about why I love them, as well as a link to get them from the Play Store! Sorry iPhone people, you'll have to search the apps yourself to check if there's an iPhone version, but there probably is.

Click here to watch in HD, or watch below:

Some of my favourite apps:

  1. QuickPic (Find on the Play Store)
    This is an alternate gallery app, which I like a lot more than the stock Photos app. I still use Photos to allow me to upload my photos to Google Drive so they're backed up online, but I love how pretty and easy to use QuickPic is. It's also very customizable, which I love.
  2. Aviary (Find on the Play Store)
    This is an awesome photo editing app. Less useful now that Instagram lets you change stuff like saturation, contrast, and shadow/highlight balances, but still, this is a great app for editing pictures you maybe don't want to cut into a square. Really easy to use and with lots of controls.
  3. Feedly (Find on the Play Store)
    As I mentioned in the video, this is an RSS reader, which isn't something I ever thought I'd use, but it's really handy for keeping up on news and blogs. All you do is look up the sites you want to get updates from (typing in the URL is the easiest way to make sure you get the right one), and you can sort your news sources into different categories if you want. For example, some of mine include beauty (mostly blogs and temptalia), tech (like the Verge and MobileSyrup), and local news (like Vancity Buzz and my local newspapers).
  4. Google Keep (Find on the Play Store)
    I showed the widget in the video, but this is a great, easy to use, and very attractive note app that lets you save simple notes and lists (which checkboxes!), colour code your notes, share them with other Keep users... and all of your notes are backed up online, and can sync between devices, which means you can make a list on your tablet, and view it from both your phone, and also the website or desktop app on your computer! I use this basically everyday, because I love lists.
  5. AlphaBear (Find on the Play Store)
    This is a great little puzzle/word game. I usually don't stay hooked on a game for long, but this is my latest find, and I do really like it, so I thought I'd share. It's a super cute application, just like all the ones by this developer—Spry Fox—and basically you have to create words out of the letters on the board, like if you threw a bunch of Scrabble pieces on a board and had to make words out of the mess. Another adorable and addictive little game is Triple Town, also by Spry Fox, and that's a game that I have kept going back to for a few years now!
  6. DashClock (Find on the Play Store)
    This is an alternate clock widget. I find the stock Android one boring (because it is), and this one allows you to download loads of extensions for whatever apps you want, so you can get tons of extra information on your home screen's clock widget, such as the weather, your battery's status, text alerts, an unread email count, tweets, etc. You can also customize how the clock looks. Can you tell I love customization?
  7. Sync Pro for Reddit (Find on the Play Store)
    I use Reddit. I am a Redditor. If you are too, this is a great app that I recommend. It's appearance is customizable, it's easy to use, very attractive, and yea. There's a non-pro, free version too, if you want to try it out before committing. If you aren't a redditor, dude... why?
  8. Fenix (Find on the Play Store)
    This app is expensive, so I understand if you don't get it. I got it because the old app I was using stopped getting updates and was buggy, so my boyfriend decided to buy this one for me because he loved it himself. It is beautiful. Very customizable. The only thing I wish it could do is schedule tweets, but it does everything else I want it to do. It's easy to use, you can see people's pictures in the stream, or get small thumbnail previews, and it will hold your place in your stream, so you don't have to try to scroll back and see where you were.
  9. Timehop (Find on the Play Store)
    This app is so much fun. All you have to do is connect this to all your social media platforms, and it will pop up everyday when your feed is ready, and it shows you all of your posts through the past years. Usually it shows 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 years ago, but I've also got glimpses back as far as 6 and even 8 years ago into my social media existence. It's really cool... and also sometimes a little depressing to look back at what an annoying person you were online 5 years ago :P
  10. Starbucks (Find on the Play Store)
    Starbucks is my addiction. I've had a gold card for a long time. I love that this app lets you pay for your drinks without pulling out your wallet, lets you track your stars, promotions, purchases, and is a Starbucks locator. Simple, but awesome.
  11. Goodreads (Find on the Play Store)
    I love Goodreads because I love keeping track of my books. I do the yearly Goodreads challenges, too, so I like to make sure I update when and what I'm reading and when I've finished a book, which is much easier with the ap because I can just scan the bar code to add whatever I'm reading, and keep track of my progress and reviews without having to remember next time I'm on my computer. Yes, I'm a nerd.
  12. Instagram (Find on the Play Store)
    I know. Obvious, but no list of my favourite apps could be complete without my favourite social media platform! You should really follow me if you don't already! :P I love posting random pictures of whatever I want, and seeing everyone else's pictures throughout the day! So addicting, and so much better now that you can edit your pictures WITHOUT using a filter!!

Thanks for watching and reading! Hope you have an awesome day!

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