Thursday, June 4, 2015

|| IMATS Vancouver 2015 || Vlog and Mini-Haul || {video + pictures / Photo-Heavy}

Pictures, video clips, some ranting, and a bit of a haul... lots of fun in today's video :P

Also, don't forget to check out the pictures below the embedded video! Enjoy!

Click here to watch in HD, or watch below:


Cool signs leading the way to IMATS

Selfie with one of the signs

Brit pretending to be cool :P

Brit had too much fun posing with signs unrelated to IMATS. I don't really know why...


Big IMATS sign to take pictures at

Brit's picture:



My mini haul:

I got two pairs of these half-lashes:

And a pair of these short lashes. All three pairs were $1.75 each at Nigel Beauty's booth

Make Up For Ever new Ultra HD Foundation in R30 (formerly my beloved 115)

Cool MUFE logo stapped in the top of the lid

Swatch on the left is 115, and the right is the neww R230. I guess they're pretty similar, if not perfectly the same...?

Same swatches, but blended in a bit. I think 115 looks a little more yellow, but maybe it's just the lighting. I hope the new one is still perfect!

Same swatches, without flash... Sorry for the darkness that is my house...

Description on the side of the box. Those are some pretty big claims, MUFE...

Bonus mini sample of MUFE's new hydrating primer. Yay free samples, even if they are small and in tiny foil packets...!

And a bonus, since I technically bought it with money I had budgeted for IMATS, and I really needed a new brow gel!

Do let me know if there is anything you want to see a review on, otherwise, I'll probably mention my thoughts in at least one of my upcoming videos, so subscribe to be sure you see all upcoming videos! =)

Thanks for watching!

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