Friday, March 6, 2015

|| Product Review || Garnier Clean+ Makeup Removing Lotion Cleaner ||

Hello again, my lovely readers! Today I have a review on the new Garnier Clean+ Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser, which was sent to me for review by Crowdsocial. As always, my review is not biased by the fact that this product was sent to me for free. All my reviews are completely honest, because how could anyone trust me if I let brands trick me into giving good review?!

The Product:

Anyways, I'll start off by telling you a bit about the product, obviously. This product is described as a cleanser, which is meant to "dissolve impurities and waterproof mascara" while leaving your skin "feeling moisturized and protected." As seen on the card above, the product contains moringa flower extract, and no alcohol, dyes, or fragrances, making it suitable for even sensitive skin-types.

It also claims that in a single use, it makes your skin feel "comfortable and conditioned and thoroughly cleansed," and after a week of use, it claims skin will look "smoother and softer and looks healthier." Aside from the fact that all the excessive use of the word "and" is really bugging me, those seem to be some pretty nice claims; who doesn't want clean, smooth, healthy skin? Finally, this product is Dermatologist, Opthalmologist, and allergy tested. (Though doesn't it confuse you when products say this instead of saying they were approved by dermatologists and opthalmologists?)

To use, you simply massage the product onto your skin on your face and around your eyes, and then remove either with a cotton pad or with water. Meant for morning and night use, which I guess really does mean that Garnier sees this as a cleanser as much as a makeup remover.

I think that's about everything you need to know about the product, so let's get on to . . .

My Thoughts:

Personally, I'm not super impressed with this product. Even after my first use, I didn't feel it did any more than a regular makeup remover. Also, I feel like the usage method is a little odd.

First of all, no where on the package does it suggest that you shake the product before use, but I found that if I didn't shake it, all that came out was a liquid... And when you are expecting a lotion-esque product to squirt into your hands, this can be a messy surprise!

When it comes to actually using the product, I found that using it on my whole face was completely unnecessary and seems to have lead to some breakouts, even though I always followed it with my toner to remove any residual product. I don't like spreading it on my face and then wiping it off with water or a cotton pad, so I've taken to using it on a cotton pad just on my eye makeup like any makeup remover. It has the same slippy--almost oily--feeling that most makeup removers tend to have, especially the ones that separate and which need to be shaken before each use to blend the parts together.

I will agree that it removes waterproof mascara reasonably well, but I've personally never had a problem finding removers that do this at both the high-end or at the drugstore, so this isn't revolutionary in my opinion. Perhaps this product will be great for someone else, maybe with dry skin? I feel like the moisturizing properties might be too much for people with combination or oily skin-types, and that's coming from a girl who likes to use argan oil as an all-over facail moisturizer periodically on her combination skin!

One last thing that I want to point out before I finish, as I just took a glance at the ingredient list, is that this product does contain Methylparaben, so if you like to avoid parabens, this probably isn't a product for you!

You can check out more reviews on SheBlogsCanada.

Thanks for reading!

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