Saturday, February 7, 2015

|| Quick update! + 50 Subscribers?! ||

Hi guys! Sorry to anyone who was looking for my videos this week... I didn't get a chance to film on Monday because I was super tired and worried about my dog, who, when my mom woke up Monday morning, was basically unable to walk because he couldn't put any weight on his back legs...

She woke me up really earlier so I could help her take him to the vet, because he is such a big dog, and also really nervous of car rides, so not only were two people required to get him into the car, but she had to sit with him in the back to keep him calm, so someone else had to drive (aka, me).

The vet didn't seem optimistic, but gave us some pain killers and anti-inflammatories for him, and though he isn't back to normal, he is doing better. He can get up and walk short distances on his own, even if he does look like a drunk person stumbling about. He still needs help getting all the way outside to do his thing, but like I just said, he's doing better.

Pictures of Fudge from sometime last summer? I think...?

I also just wanted to say thanks to those of you who are subscribed to my YouTube channel, which just recently reached 50 subscribers! I know that isn't really a big number on YouTube, but I'm still really happy with how my channel has grown over the last year!

The anniversary of my first video--which I consider my channel's birthday--will be on February 13th, this upcoming Friday, too, so with both of those landmarks, I'm looking into organizing a small giveaway for you guys as a thank you, so look forward to that sometime in the near-ish future, and make sure to subscribe to my channel and social media to stay up-to-date on that!!

Thanks for reading, watching, and subscribing to me! I plan to be back with another video by Thursday (the 12th), so stay tuned! =)

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