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Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Line AND Marcelle CC Cream Reviews!

These products were sent to me by Cynnamon, the (one of the?) person who does PR for London Drugs to try out, without expectation of me reviewing them on my blog, and I was not paid for the following opinions. Also, I didn’t know she was going to send me the CC Cream along with the hair products, so that was a $30 dollar surprise!

Anyways, today I have a two- (or four, if that’s how you want to look at it) part review for you all about my thoughts on these products, which I’ve been using for the past couple of weeks.

First let’s start of with the hair products, which were sent to me because London Drugs recently started carrying Fekkai products. According the London Drugs site, each of these products is $27.99 for the full size, though these mini-sizes are also available on their site, for $6.99 each for both the shampoo and conditioner, and $15.99 for the styling creme. As the name suggests, this line is meant to add gloss and shine to your hair, and it is infused with olive oil. I think each of these products also has micro-shimmers in it as well, which helps to make your hair catch the light even more. Here are my thoughts on the individual products (remember, as with most products, what doesn’t work for me may still work for you, and vice versa):

2014-05-27 14.49.43

1. Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo (2 oz; $6.99):

I’ll start off by saying that I like this shampoo, though I don’t think I would spend $20 on it. I found that I needed to use a lot of shampoo, at least as much as I use of something like L’Oreal, Herbal Essences, or Garnier, but at a much higher price point!

I generally don’t wash my hair every day, the exception being that I wash it every time I go to the gym no matter when I last washed it. With most shampoos, I can use a lot less when I’m washing it for a second day in a row, but with this shampoo, I found that I looked greasy really quickly unless I used just as much shampoo as I would on second or third day hair. Reallly disappointing considering the price.

Ultimately, if you wash your hair every day anyways, I think this is a really nice shampoo. It has a yummy, light, slightly floral scent that smells more like a garden, and less like a perfume. It almost smelled like yummy herbs mixed with flowers sometimes. And it did do a great job of washing my hair without making it feel dry or stripped… as long as I used enough!

2. Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Conditioner (2 oz; $6.99):

I was surprised how thin this conditioner was, as it was a lot more liquidy than most drugstore conditioners. However, it did seem to work fairly well. I didn’t like it as much as my Garnier Damage Eraser conditioner (which is also one of the thickest I’ve ever used), but it was good, and had the same fresh scent as the shampoo. I didn’t find that this one did much more if I left it on for a few minutes or just applied it and rinsed it out. Maybe because it was liquidy and didn’t stick to the hair? Not much else to say, but I probably wouldn’t spend the $20 on this one either.

3. Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Styling Creme (2 oz; $15.99):

Personally, this was my least favourite part of this line. I thought it was cool that it had micro-shimmers to help my hair catch the light, but I did not find that this creme helped to hydrate my hair after washing, and as it doesn’t have hold or instructions that it was for heat-styling, I can’t imagine what other function this product might serve. It had the same nice scent, but aside from that, I found it pretty useless, and after three uses, I gave up on it, and started using either my Tresemme or Garnier leave-in conditioners after washing.

While I might recommend trying out the shampoo and conditioner if you want more shine and moisture for your hair and don’t mind spending a little more on product, I would suggest you skip the styling creme.

Aaaaand, finally…

2014-05-27 14.50.49(Excuse the weird lens flare!)

4. Marcelle CC Cream (30 ml; $29.99)

As I mentioned, this product was a surprise to receive, but I’m so glad I have it now! I’m super pale, but even though this looked a tad dark when I first squirted it out onto my hand, it blends in perfectly to my skin. It gives a nice light (maybe light-to-medium) coverage, has SPF 35, and, like all BB and CC creams, has a whole list of other skin benefits. According to London Drugs’ site, this product:

Offers the same benefits as BB Cream, but with more long-term skin care benefits and nourishing ingredients. It perfects uneven skin tone and helps reduce dark spots. Its pure 24K gold infused formula provides deep radiance, more coverage and a lighter texture than BB Cream leaving your skin smoother, firmer and deeply moisturized.

  • Corrects and helps prevent the appearance of dark spots and imperfections
  • Offers complete coverage
  • Evens out skin tone and texture
  • Controls shine
  • Provides anti-dull radiant complexion
  • Allows long-wear hold for lasting perfection
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reverses the signs of aging
  • Favours and improves skin elasticity
  • Protects skin from environmental stressors
  • Offers immediate and intense hydrating benefits
  • Soothes and calms dry/damaged skin

I’d have to try it daily for a long time to tell you if it has any of those effects, but those are the claims, and it works great as a light summer moisturizer/base, especially with the SPF. I also had good luck with it as a primer before my foundation, so I definitely think this is a really nice product and will continue using it!


That’s all for today. Thanks to Cynnamon for sending me these products, which would have cost me at least $60 to try out for myself!

I hope you found this post interesting or helpful in some way. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see my haul from the LD Beauty Event that happened June 18th!

Thanks so much for reading, and have an awesome day/night/afternoon!


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