Thursday, November 7, 2013

October 2014 Favourites!

Once again we have come to a new month, and that means it’s time to talk about my favourite products. This month, I had very few products that really stood out, at least none that I hadn’t mentioned in the past month or two, though many of my September favourites were going strong for October as well. That said, I do have a couple of things to mention:

1. Peace & Love & OPI by OPI

2013-10-01 23.44.29

This is probably expected, considering I was already raving about it in the haul post when I first got it. In the last month, though, I’ve probably worn this polish at least three times! If you want to see some great swatch pictures, you can see my haul post featuring this polish.

2. L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise Power Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

2013-11-07 01.10.42

I decided to switch up the brand last time I needed to buy a new shampoo, and so I settled on this one because my hair definitely needs the moisture, and also in part because I think Elle Fowler (from YouTube) was talking about how good Hyaluronic Acid is… and Hyaluronate sounds like that. Yeah. Anyway, this shampoo is actually fantastic. It definitely leaves my hair feeling a lot softer and smoother, and I like that it doesn’t attempt to amplify my curls like my last shampoo did, since all it ever managed to do was make me look lopsided and messy, in my opinion. So I’m definitely enjoying this shampoo, and I may even repurchase the same one for once when this one is gone.

3. Coca-Cola Lip Smackers

2013-11-07 00.37.11

I have a lot of lip balms, some more high-end, some super cheap. You’d think I use a lot of lip balm if you counted how many I have, but I usually don’t bother because I generally don’t like how they look, feel, and/or smell on my lips. I’m also really inconsistent about what I like a lip balm to be like: minty? flavoured? slick? shiny? thick and creamy? coloured?

Anyways, at the moment, my favourite is likely a childhood classic for lots of people: Lip Smackers. Specifically the Coke flavoured ones. If you had these as a kid (or if you use them now, obviously), you probably remember not just how great they smell, but how great they taste. For a long time I stopped bothering with lip smackers because my little sister used to eat lip balms as a toddler… I’m writing a lot about this, probably unnecessarily, so I’ll get to the point. This lip balms smells like those Coke bottle candies, is shiny (not shimmery), barely tinted (just sorta makes your lips look a little redder/darker) and doesn’t end up feeling greasy unless you really layer it on. Also, it’s been super hydrating for my just-starting-to-dry-up lips.

Non-Beauty favourites:

1. Michael Kors Jet Set tote

2013-10-17 19.05.49

I just posted about this, so I won’t bore you with more, but this is definitely a favourite! If you want to see more pictures or read me ranting about how much I love this bag, you can check out my other post about it (and check out my anniversary makeup at the same time!).

2. Plain teas

Image from

Usually I prefer my teas with cream or milk and sugar, but lately I’ve really been enjoying flavoured and spiced black teas with no milk and either very little or no sugar. Aside from being healthier and lower in calories, which is definitely not my reason for drinking my teas this way, I’ve basically just been enjoying tasting different flavours in my same old teas. Tea is also a lot more refreshing when you don’t have a sweet, milky aftertaste! It’s good for a change of pace. (My particular favourite at the moment is Stash’s Holiday Chai tea. Not sure if you can get it in stores yet, but it’s available every Christmas season.)

3. Agents of SHIELD

Image from

This is a brand-new(ish) tv show from Marvel, and it is fantastic! If you like superhero movies like The Avengers and Ironman (which everyone should), you should love this show as well. If you haven’t seen the Avengers movies, some references might be lost on you, but its still a great, funny show all the same. And Agent Coulson is fantastic. Also, if you have seen the Avenger movies, but haven’t heard about this show, the show takes place starting a while after the events of The Avengers movie. The 6th episode just aired this Tuesday (the 5th), so it shouldn’t be too hard to get caught up, and I definitely recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet!

And that’s all for this month! Let me know your October favourites in the comments!

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