Monday, August 12, 2013

My July 2013 Favourites!

So this is going up even later than last predicted, and maybe no one is even interested anymore, but I figured I’d put this up anyways, because it also gives me a chance to give a quick review to two products I acquired in the last month or so, but hadn’t posted in a haul. So let’s get into it.

Pink Chiffon (scent from Bath and Body Works):



My first favourite for last month was the Pink Chiffon scent from Bath and Body works. I have the body lotion in the picture (obviously), as well as the shower gel, and I’ve had them for a while, but recently I’ve really been loving the sweet floral/fruity scent. It’s just really comforting, if that makes any sense.

I’d also never used the B&BW show gels until this month, and i really love the texture. I was expecting them to be like cheap body washes, but it acts more like a thick, concentrated shower gel, somewhat similar to the Body Shop. And it has shea butter in it and leaves my skin feeling really nice, and not tight at all.

Island Margarita scent from Bath and Body Works:


My second favourite is also a scent, also from B&BW…! This one is really fresh and  citrusy, and I just want to eat it every time I smell it! I also have a hand sanitizer of this scent. I don’t know if it exists, but I would love to have this scent as a room spray! It would be so much better for summer… I mean, I love this candle, but the problem with candles in the summer is that it’s already hot… I don’t need fires burning in my room!

(Also, randomly, I didn’t realise until I took that picture that the candle’s label is pixellated! Well done, B&BW!)

Immitation Beauty Blender (from Born Pretty Store):


I’ve been wanting to try out the Beauty Blender for a long time, but it is so expensive! This is a pretty close copy—though a slightly different shape, yes—which is also so much cheaper (It’s $3.30 American, or less if you buy three or more). And I love it! Before I used this, I soak it in water, squeeze it out so it is damp but not dripping, and then use it to dab my foundation into my skin. And the results are awesome. I find it allows me to use my foundations more sheer (which I love, because I’m lucky enough to not really need full-coverage) than a brush or my fingers, though I’m sure you could also build up your coverage a big more and still get a really natural look.

Essie Millionails


You may already know this if you’ve been reading for a while, but if not, I just want to preface this and point out that this is the third nail strengthener that I’ve tried, since I have weak, sad nails that love to chip and peel. In the past, I’ve tried OPI Original Nail Envy and the OPI Nail Envy for Sensitive and Peeling nails. The original did great things for my nails, whereas the peeling version didn’t do much at all. Looking over the ingredients and doing a little research, I discovered that Formaldehyde is can actually be good for your nails, because it strengthens the proteins, though it can also cause brittle nails. I’m guessing my nails just need a lot of help, though, because I haven't’ had any issues.

Anyways, I picked this up instead of my OPI Nail Envy because it’s honestly about half the price here in Canada, but it still has the formaldehyde and it’s by a respectable company. After only two applications (I use one coat of this as a base coat under my manicures), I noticed that my nails were much stronger, and stopped peeling again. So I would definitely recommend this if you have weak nails. Also, if you love OPI’s Nail Envy, but find it pricey, maybe give this a try. If you like it, it could save you a bunch of money!

Non-Beauty Favourites:

British panel shows

Image from

Image from

British panel shows are fantastic, and something that basically doesn’t exist in US or Canadian television, which is really depressing. They all have a host and a panel of usually famous or semi-famous British people, and often a couple regulars. And they’re hilarious. My two absolute favourites are QI, which is a fact-based panel show hosted by the fabulous Stephen Fry, and Would I Lie to You?, which, as I’m sure you can guess is about telling strange stories that the other have to guess if it’s true or a lie. It’s really fun and ridiculous, and the host and the two regulars are fantastic: Rob Brydon, David Mitchell (my favourite), and Lee Mack.


Image from

I know for a fact that I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s been months, and I’ve sort of re-discovered it lately and have been playing it a lot. Probably because I’ve had essays due. I love that the game can basically match your mood and skill-level since there are so many modes to play, and the music each song you choose (from your own collection on your computer) will have a unique track map depending on the song’s speed and sound. It’s pretty awesome. You can find it on Steam (It’s $9.99 at the moment, but it goes on sale all the time).

And that’s everything for the month! Thanks so much for reading. Let me know any of your favourites in the comments, and have an awesome day =)

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