Friday, November 23, 2012

Snow Nails (My entry for the first week of’s nail art contest)

In case you weren’t aware, NailPolishCanada is doing a themed nail art competition. This week’s theme is Snow. I know this is a bit of a half-hearted attempt, especially compared to some of the other entries, but I would appreciate it immensely if you voted for me! I promise my entry for next week will be better prepared! (Click here to go vote)


The best nail:


In case you’re wondering, the blue is Sephora by OPI’s Blue Grotto, under a holographic topcoat that is just basecoat and a bunch of holo microglitter. Then I used a white LA Colours striper for the snowflakes.

Thanks so much, and please vote!


  1. Thank you for subscribing to my blog. I subbed you back :) Love your winter look nails, so cute. I'm just getting into nail art! xo


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