Friday, August 24, 2012

Batman Nails!

I went to go see The Dark Knight Rises on Wednesday, so I did Batman nails Tuesday night. Unfortunately, I don’t have a yellow polish. I’ve never thought of it, because I don’t really like yellow, but maybe I should get one for nail art… this isn’t the first time a lack of yellow has limited my options!

Anyways, instead, I decided gold would work, and I used my China Glaze Fast Track as a base, then my Fascino gold glitter. The two together made a pretty good gold base. Then I used my OPI Black Onyx polish and a tiny paintbrush to draw the Bat Symbol on my nails. I went for the classic one on my left ring finger, which turned out not bad:


On my right hand, since I am not left handed, I thought the more modern logo might be easier, but I pretty much messed it up:100_1430

So those are my Batman nails! I might be redoing the classic Batman logo again in a week or so for my PAX nails, since I’m planning to do a different geeky/nerdy logo on each nail. If you have any suggestions, lemme know. =P

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh so cute! The Batman logo is not an easy one to do...I would never even attempt it myself! Totally jealous of you going to PAX! I want some of those Necomimi ears...

    I hate yellow polish ON ME. I only bought it for nail art. That's it. I have no other reason for it!


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