Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nerd Lacquer Polishes

Hey there, I’ve been meaning to show these to you guys for a while now. This was the final one of my Christmas presents that I received this year, about a week into January, because my friend had ordered them for me too close to Christmas to receive them earlier.

This is a set of Doctor Who inspired nail polishes from Nerd Lacquer on Etsy. They have two Doctor Who themed sets, and also one for Hitchhiker’s Guide, and I think Firefly, and a couple other random polishes. This one is my favourite though, especially the “Home of the Untempered Schism” one!




And here they are swatched on my nail wheels. I did two coats of each, though I would usually layer them over another colour, or else use about three coats of the polish in order to mostly cover the nail, as they are very translucent.

As for quality, I wouldn’t say that these are the best polishes ever, not as good as OPI or Essie, but they are very cute, and unique, and aren’t too bad, either. However, they aren’t very shiny, and the texture of the bigger chunks of glitter can be a little obvious, so, at least in my experience, its best to use a couple layers of top coat, though that could just be my personal preference. They also look pretty cool underneath a matte topcoat!

I also received this cute little wind-up robot guy with my polishes, he was apparently thrown in for free. I like to pretend he’s from Silence in the Library, rather than just a generic little wind-up toy. Hehe!


Also, just as a random aside, I wanted to brag a little bit about the current state of my nails, which have grown much longer than they have ever been before! I’m so happy with them! The only thing I can really credit, besides the motivation provided by my own, and other people’s makeup and nail blogs, is OPI’s Nail Envy, which has helped drastically in strengthening my nails.


Anyways, if you want to find these polishes, or check out the other Nerd Lacquer polishes, just check them out here: Etsy.com/shop/NerdLacquer. They’re a little low on stock right now, but I’m sure they will get in more of all their polishes sometime soon. Enjoy!

Have you made any cool finds on Etsy lately? I’m completely addicted, but I try not to buy too often!

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  1. I saw some cute torchwood ones on there the other day. So so cute. There's also a nice blink one.


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