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REVIEW || Nivea Skincare || ChickAdvisor #NIVEAMustHaves Box

Hi guys! Today's post is going to be a review of several products from Nivea that I was sent thanks to ChickAdvisor! I was sent this box of products for free in exchange for my reviews, but of course my review is not biased, and is completely honest and my own, as always. So I'm just going to tell you some quick thoughts on each product. First, here's a look at what I recieved:

nivea chickadvisor package

Nivea Creme Care All-In-One Facial Cleansing Lotion

This is an interesting product, since you can use it like a regular cleanser (apply, massage into skin, and rinse off) or almost like a micellar water (massage into skin, and then wipe off excess with cotton pad). I haven't tried wiping it off, and have only used it as a facial cleanser, as I've had problems with similar facial milk products in the past, but as a cleanser, I really like it!

cleaner back

It doesn't foam up but still leaves my skin feeling clean, but never dry. It's basically a lotion that also cleanses your skin, so I could see it being great for dry skin, but I love it on my combination skin, even on oily days! It doesn't sting eyes and really does help to get makeup off, though I tend to go in with a makeup remover to get waterproof mascara off first anyways.

My biggest problem with this is the scent. Almost all of the Nivea products I was sent have the same, distinctive smell, and unfortunately I'm just not a fan. In this case, though, that won't stop me from using the product, as I love how this cleanser makes my skin feel fresh, clean, and cared for. This product retails for $8.99.

Nivea Creme Care Facial Cleansing Wipes


These were just okay for me. They definitely didn't do anything to remove my waterproof mascara, though they did an alright job with the rest of my makeup, which is too bad, because they do claim to "remove even waterproof makeup without rubbing."

wipes back

They did alright though, and my skin felt clean enough without really being greasy or dry. Most of the time I think most people reach for facial wipes as a starting point in their face routine or as a cop-out to doing a proper face routine on a lazy or late, late night, so these would be alright for that, but I wouldn't expect them to get your waterproof eyes off every night! A pack of 25 wipes sells for 8.99

Nivea Creme


The thing that started it all. This is the basis for most of Nivea's products, or at least the ones that I received to test out. It's a fairly thick moisturizer, but it manages to feel pretty light and non-greasy when I use it as a hand cream. I haven't used it on my face yet because my skin just doesn't seem dry enough, but that is a use for this, along with hands and anywhere else you get dry spots.

creme back

It absorbs really quickly, which is great. I've tossed this tiny tin into my purse for on the go. The info card I got with this box doesn't list the 10ml size as an option, though, which is too bad, because it is such a good size for travel, and could easily be refilled from a larger pot after it runs out.

It does have the same odd Nivea scent I mentioned earlier, which isn't a favourite, but it works well, and is certainly isn't the worst thing I've smelled. It's hard to describe; I wouldn't call it sweet or floral or fresh or musky... it's a little powdery and old-woman smelling maybe, but like... a nice clean old woman. It could be better, but it could be so much worse. It looks like this comes in three sizes: 150ml for $7.99, 250ml for $10.99, and 400ml for $13.49.

Nivea Protect & Care Anti-perspirant/Deodorant


I'm not sure how long this has been out, but it's a similar idea to the Dove deodorants infused with moisturizers to care for your underarm skin as well as blocking odor and moisture. It's a good idea, since anti-perspirant ingredients can be hard on your skin. Unfortunately for me, this has the same scent as the other Nivea creme products, but this is by far the most concentrated version of the scent. It's stronger even than the basic creme, in my opinion.

deodorant back

It does seem to work well. It feels quite nice and almost soothing on the underarm area. Maybe I can get used to the smell, but I really wish there were other scents available! Also, I do feel like the actual product stick inside is quite narrow and small. The package tapers at the bottom, so of course the whole stick has to be narrow to fit inside properly, so that packaging seems a little misleading. But it works well. If it was on sale for less than other brands I trust I could see picking this up in the future... especially if they branch out with some nicer scents! This deodorant retails for $3.99

Nivea Essential Lip Balm

lip balm

After smelling everything else I was super worried about testing this lip balm, as I didn't want to know what Nivea creme tastes like... Luckily, this lip balm smells nothing like anything else!! It barely smells like anything at all, except for a very delicate sweet smell, like a slightly lemony sugar, but pretty indistinguishable unless you really try to smell it on your lips, it also doesn't have a flavour, which I'm sure people will like.

lip balm back

From the moment I first put it on I've fallen for this lipbalm! It hasn't quite replaced my all-time favourite (the First Aid Beauty Lip Therapy balm) but it's a close second, I think. It's thick without being heavy, it's not greasy or oily, but also really feels like it's protecting and coating your lips. It's so comfortable and I will definitely be keeping this buddy in my purse all fall and winter to protect my lips from chapping (which they are prone to most in the colder weather). I definitely recommend this, it is by far my favourite Nivea product I've tried so far, and the best drugstore lip balm I've tried. It retails for only $1.99


Did you get this PRC box as well, or have you tried any of the products I mentioned? I'd love to hear your review, so leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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