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REVIEW || Lise Watier Hydraforce Hydra-Protective Comforting Creme #GetInTheBubble

I recently received this cream from GlamSense, which is another product testing company like Influenster that was started by Canadian subscription box company Top Box. I'm pretty excited to be working with a new, Canadian company, and talking about a Canadian brand today, but as always, my opinions here are completely unbiased, honest, and my own.

There is a cool little gadget that I got with the moisturizer, but I'll show you that a little later. First I want to talk about the moisturizer itself.


As you can see below, this product is meant for people with normal to dry skin types:

jar bottom

Here's a look at the product itself.


It's a thick white creme, but not quite so thick as to be opaque. Also, what you clearly can't tell from the picture is that there is a pretty intense perfume to this product, which means it won't be good for everyone, either because you can't deal with scents or because your skin hates perfumed products. Still, I do like the scent, even if it is a bit strong. It's not really floral, just a perfume-y version of fresh and clean... which isn't very well described...

Anyways. It is really easy to apply too much of this stuff, so use it sparingly! I used too much the first time, and my skin felt greasy and hot even hours later, until I washed it off! That said, this isn't really a greasy feeling product, and if you use a small small amount, it absorbs really well and is really moisturizing. Probably still more a night-cream type product, I don't think you'd want to use this under makeup during the day.

This would be a great winter cream, especially in colder climates and for dry skin types, but I think anyone who deals with dry patches in winter would like this in small doses! This line promises to make skin three times more hydrated, and to be weatherproof! Pretty big, impressive claims! I'm not sure how legitimate these claims are, but maybe for the driest skin types? My skin probably isn't quite dry enough to really get that much benefit.

So, what's interesting in particular about this campaign is the little device that was sent along with the moisturizer:

weird device thing

That little thing plugs into the headphone jack of any phone, and connects to the app available for both Android and IPhone. Somehow, the little wings help the app measure moisture levels in the skin, and the app then tracks that info, so you can see the different states of your skin in different places, especially your hands, t-zone, and cheeks.

plugged in

Below, I show the difference the app read between my normal skin, before washing and moisturizing, and then after using a cleansing water and (probably too generously applying) the creme.

T-Zone (specifically, I measured in the middle of my forehead):

forehead before 1

Apparently the driest part of my face, the middle of my oily-feeling forehead measured only 38%, which is kinda dry. After I applied the hydraforce creme:

forehead after 1

After applying and allowing to absorb for a few minutes, my forehead measured more than 20 points higher. It is possible I didn't wait long enough for it to absorb, and like I said above, I did apply too much, but this is still interesting.

Cheeks (measured from the apple of my right cheek):

cheeks before 1

Not as dehydrated as my forehead, my cheeks weren't perfect, but weren't bad. After applying the creme:

cheeks after 1

Here I only went up about 8 points, so much more logical, and probably a better representation. I don't think I applied the creme more heavily to my cheeks than forehead, though, so I'm not sure there was such a drastic difference for the t-zone but not my cheeks.


In summary, I don't think my test results are very accurate as shown above. I tested a few more times on my hands before and after applications of logical amounts of the creme, and hydration rose by about 4 or 5 points each time, but the creme definitely works. What I would have loved would have been to test out the lip balm that is part of the same line, so I could compare it to the F.A.B. one, which I'm in love with.

Do I think this creme is worth it's $45 price tag? If you need some serious hydration, probably, unless you're sensitive to scents in some way. It feels very creamy and refreshing, not super heavy and greasy, so it's very nice. I will definitely be continuing to use it, especially when I'm feeling a bit dry, now that I've learned my lesson about over-doing it with this stuff! =P

To find out more about this line, and to find an event in your area where you can find out how hydrated your skin is and get samples from Lise Watier, you can go to (Sorry, Vancouver people! The Vancouver event was March 4th! Hopefully if you were interested, you saw my tweets about it at the beginning of the month!)

Thanks for reading!

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