Thursday, February 13, 2014

My First Youtube Video–What’s In My Bag?

As long as we ignore the ugly, poorly executed water marbling tutorial that I posted a very long time ago, today I posted my first ever Youtube video.

I’m sure I mentioned before that I wanted to get into Youtubeing, and I’ve finally got the time + the courage + the organizational skills to get started. My first video, as mentioned in the title, is a What’s in my Bag? video, since I think they’re fun to watch and kinda interesting most of the time. I hope you enjoy mine!

Also, don’t worry—even though I’m sure no one was particularly worried—but I have every intention of keeping up with my blog as well, with blog posts to accompany many of my videos, sometimes with extra information such as swatches or higher quality images.

Anyways, here’s my first video (though it’s probably best to go to YouTube for highest quality):

I hope you enjoyed it and that you will like and subscribe. And if you’re feeling super generous, maybe share it on social media somewhere? Haha!

Make sure to leave me your comments; I’m open to advise and constructive criticism, if you have any, as well as if you have any video suggestions. Thanks so much for reading (and watching)!

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