Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Collective Fashion & Beauty Haul

Hello again! I’ve been waiting a while to post this, mostly because I had been waiting for the final things to come in the mail, but now I have everything. I have a bunch of things to show you from the past couple weeks, some beauty, some fashion, and a bunch of it was actually purchased for me by my boyfriend at random because he likes to buy me things, especially when I can’t buy things on my own.

Anyways, there are a lot of products, so this will be a very picture heavy post. I would have liked to do this as a video, but I don’t have anywhere to film. So, I’m going to present everything in a pretty arbitrary order, since I can’t remember the order everything was bought:

Seacret Nail Care Collection (aka, a little evidence my boyfriend is crazy):



Seacret is apparently an Israeli company, and was being sold at one of those little kiosks in our mall. One of the salespeople jumped on us like salespeople often do, and tried to sell us these manicure kits, and while I would have been perfectly happy to say “no thanks” and move on, my boyfriend just kept listening and talking to her. She offered two of these and an additional buffer for the price of one box. Maybe because his younger sister is obsessed with Israel and Dead Sea products like this, he actually went for it. I still can’t be sure why, because just one box is $80! Anyways, the second box went to me, so I mean, if he wants to spend money I can’t stop him, and I now have nice hand lotion and cuticle oil… I’m really not complaining.




First we have the buffer, which isn’t really any different from other nail buffers as far as I can tell, but if you want one on it’s own, its like 35 or 40 dollars (I can’t remember which). The only interesting thing about this one is, if you need a new one in the first two years, you can take it back to the kiosk and they’ll hand you a new one. I obviously haven’t tested this, so I can’t tell you if it works, however.


Next is what looks to me like a very cheap emery board. Since I have my nice crystal file, I will literally never use this. Maybe I should give it to my sister or something, because it is useless to me. I always feel like boards like this rip my nails apart.



This is probably my favourite product from the box. This is the cuticle oil. Nothing super special, but it does smell pretty good and its super moisturizing. This is the other product in the box that the sales girl said that we could bring back within the two years if it runs out. Again, I clearly haven’t used up a bottle of cuticle oil yet, but we will see how that goes if I ever do.



And finally the body lotion. I got the Milk & Honey scent, because I liked it and it reminds me a bit of the Burt’s Bees Milk and Honey lotion, though its less sticky. There were four scent options, one with something pomegranate, David’s sister was given one that was called something like “ocean mist", and I can’t remember the last option. The only thing I have to say about this is actually because they girl was so happy to tell us about parabens and why they are bad and that some other product she was trying to sell didn’t have any. However, by reading through the ingredients, this lotion does contain parabens. I don’t really mind, but I did think it was funny, and proof that you can’t trust a company to never use parabens just because they claim a couple products are free of them.

Fashion stuffs:


Above are two pairs of platform flip flops from Ardene, which my boyfriend bought me. They were 2 for $10, and I really bought them for the black ones, which are more comfy and pretty. The pink ones amuse me, though, and remind me of Lizzie McGuire, but are way less comfortable.




The three above pictures are shirts that I bought on super clearance from Zellers last week. They’re all just very basic, but they were also all either $2.50 or $3.50, so great deals. The burnout tanks in the last picture are great for wearing in pairs, so they aren’t see-through!



This sweater is from American Eagle, and I am absolutely in love with it. As you can see, its a dark grey, three-quarter length sleeve sweatshirt with an awesome lace accent on the shoulders and arms. Its really nice and light, and comfy, and it’s so great for the cool nights we’ve been having lately, since it isn’t too warm, and not too heavy to carry around while its hot during the day! It costs $40, but I had a $10 off $40 or more, so it was actually more like $30, especially after my SPC discount. This is also purchased for me by my boyfriend, and I have to admit I had been lusting after it for a couple weeks.

Richmond Night Market purchases:

2012-07-16 02.21.40

Here we have a pink mechanical pencil, a cute package of .5mm lead, and green, pink, and black pens, and a tiny, cutesy, anime girl notebook. All of this was only $2 at this little shop at the Night Market!

2012-07-15 21.41.14

And this bag… I completely fell in love with it. It’s from the same store as the pens and such from the other picture, and it was only 2 bucks! Its pretty small, and obviously cheaply made but definitely worth the $2, at least in my opinion! Who doesn’t want a cute little bag covered in rainbow Austen Mini’s and a Union Jack?!

Also, I just wanted to mention how awesome the Richmond Night Market is, and tell anyone living in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia that, if you have time this summer, to go check it out. It only costs $1.50 to get in, and then there’s tons of cheap products and food stalls!




Perhaps he’s crazy, but my boyfriend decided I needed a gold eyeliner, and that it should be from Urban Decay. He told me I should go find one, and that he would pay me back if I found it… Obviously I wasn’t going to turn down free makeup, and I really love the soft gold colour of this liner, which is called Eldorado. This liner gives a really natural, bright look to my face when I wear it, but it does not work as a waterline liner, at least on me.

Online Purchases:


I may have mentioned before that I had finally run out of my first bottle of Seche Vite. Luckily, I was able to find this lot on EBay (I think, it might have been Amazon) for two bottles of Seche for only ~$10! I paid for this mostly with free money I had on my PayPal account from filling out surveys (on SurveyHead, if you’re curious), and David paid the remaining balance (which wasn’t much). Now it’ll take me twice as long to finish my topcoat, and for 2/3 of the price of my first bottle!



Finally, these two adorable buttons! I got them from Zelas’s shop on Etsy. If any of you are gamers, you may recognize the top one, but for those who aren’t that is the Pyro from Team Fortress 2; he likes to burn people, in case you hadn’t noticed. The second is from an anime. I’m not much of an anime fan, though I did really like Death Note, but this little guy was just so cute. His name is Boota, and he’s from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which is one of my boyfriend’s favourite animes. I also bought my boyfriend a Medic (also from TF2) and Kamina (another character from Gurren Lagann), and my best friend got a Ponyo, and two characters from Hetalia (another anime): Russia and England. If you like anime, definitely check out this shop, as he has a huge selection of various anime characters from tons of shows, as well as several other games or nerdy shows/movies!

If you want a look at the other buttons on my bag, which I know I would, here they are:


So what have you been buying lately? Have you used any of these products?  What geeky things do you love? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Very nice haul! Love Seche Vite Top Coat it's my holy grail top coat!

    :) Chelsey

    Giveaway! Blog's 1st Birthday!

    1. Definitely! It was painful living without it for two weeks while I waited for it to ship to me! :)

  2. Wow, what a haul! Your boyfriend is so cute! I should tell my fiance that I need a gold eyeliner fro UD too! The cuticle oil looks pretty nice, I like the bottle.

    1. Thanks! Haha, you should definitely try that out and see if it works :P

      I do quite like the cuticle oil. It actually absorbs really quickly, so you don't get all greasy after putting it on!


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