Friday, May 4, 2012

Second Attempt at Water Marbling

Hello all, sorry for the long wait between this and the last post. I completely forgot somehow that I hadn’t posted this mani from about a week ago!

The first thing to note is how my left and right hands turned out completely differently, basically because one of the colours I used on my left was too translucent, and I had to do two layers to get a good amount of colour, which causes some really bizarre patterns from the layering. So my right hand used only two of the colours. While I like the colours better on my left, the right hand turned out looking much cleaner.

You’ll also notice that there are weird blotches and white spots on all the nails. Its weird, because these were raised bumps before my topcoat, but the Seche Vite did something weird to the polish, resulting in this odd look. Anyways, here are my pictures:



100_0969My right thumb turned out really cool, whereas my left thumb didn’t even warrant a picture.



Sorry for the messy cuticles, I’m a very impatient person! Also, the dark splotch on my right ring finger is also because of impatience… I really thought they were dry, and went to make tea… they weren’t dry. =(

If you are wondering what polishes I used, I did two coats of Sephora by OPI’s A-ha Moment as my white base. Then my right hand has OPI Did it On ‘Em and Fascino #26. My left has both of these, plus Wet’n’Wild Caribbean Frost.

Thanks for reading! Remember to check back, as I’ll be posting my April favourites soon!

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