Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My April 2012 Favourites!

It seems the months have once again changed, as they frequently do, and so it must be time again for another favourites post! So, what, you ask, were my favourite products during the last month?

  1. Garnier BB Cream in “Light/Medium”

    Or, if you want the whole, insanely long name, the “Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream” … Yeah. I don’t know why they can’t just call it a BB Cream, but apparently there are some very wordy people in the Garnier product naming department.
    Anyway, I really am loving this product. Although I am a little let down that it doesn’t have SPF in it, which I think another country’s version of it does, I really love the texture, and the light coverage of this product. It also smells really good and just makes me sort of happy when I put it on. Also, unlike the powders I’m used to using, it doesn’t make my skin look flakey, and it doesn’t cake like foundation. Definitely in love.
  2. Revlon Lip Butter in “Strawberry Shortcake”

    I know I purchased this product a long time ago, but I’ve really been loving it in the last month, since it is very moisturizing, and not annoying to wear like a lipstick. Also, the colour is really beautiful! I’m finally validating my purchase of this product.
  3. Mai Couture Social Gloss in “G’Vinity”

    I didn’t expect it when I first got last month’s Glymm box, but I actually really love this lip gloss. I’m not a big lip gloss person, since I hate the sticky feeling that even the best glosses seem to devolve to as you wear them, but this one’s very subtle, but sparkly colour is great, and it never really gets sticky! Also, if I didn’t mention in my Glymm box post, it smells a but like chocolate cherries, which is never a bad thing!
  4. The Body Shop’s Chocomania Body Butter

    I got this late in the month, so it almost doesn’t count, but I’ve been using it so frequently since that I think it deserves its spot on this list. Its so moisturizing, and it smells bloody fantastic! Who doesn’t want to smell like chocolate? (Though, this probably isn’t a great summer scent, once the bees and wasps start to emerge.)

Non-cosmetic products:

I actually haven’t had that many obsessions this month, to be honest, but a couple of my favourite things include:

  1. The Avengers

    After seeing the trailer for the Avengers movie before the Hunger Games in theatres, I decided it looked really good, and got my boyfriend to tell me what movies I had to watch to be ready for this new one. I’d actually never seen any of them before, and now I’m almost ashamed to admit that, because they are just so fantastic. The Hulk and the two Ironman movies are certainly my favourites, and I love that neither of the two set out to be superheroes, and that it was something that just sort of fell into. So this series has quickly become a favourite and I am so excited to see the new one, now that it’s out!
  2. Concerts

    A large part of my time and money last month went to concerts, with the Coldplay on on the 21st, followed by the Snow Patrol concert on the 30th. Both were fantastic, though the venue and the show for Coldplay were both better than Snow Patrol. There were too many screaming girls at Snow Patrol for my liking, and Coldplay puts on one hell of a show, not just because they’re awesome, but the lights, the wristbands, the various screens… it was just beautiful! (This picture is from the same night at the Coldplay concert I was at, but my seats were much closer. This is a nice picture though!)

Sorry it took so long to get this up. I also just wanted to let you know that I am currently trying to make sure I have enough money for PAX at the end of August, as well as this semester’s one class, so I’m on an absolute minimum budget, which means no makeup. So far I’ve done well, but it’s only been a week. I’m waiting for it to get painful, heh. So yeah, most of my posts for the next little will be nail art, if I do any, and Glymm boxes, which I am still receiving, because I am addicted.

What were your favourites last month? Let me know!

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  1. This was a really interesting post!! I really want to try some BB cream!


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