Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pretty Polish!

So, I have a whole list of things I want to buy for Back-to-School shopping this year. (I’m still in uni, I’m allowed to have BTS lists…) Because I’m poor, and my tastes are expensive, I’m allowing myself one nice outfit’s worth of pieces that I will be able to mix into the rest of my wardrobe.

For clothes, I want to get a nice, casual top (which I already bought using the remaining money that I’d saved up and meant to spend on my Seattle trip a couple weeks ago), as well as a pair of black jeans, Doc Martens, and a blazer, since at 21 I need something a little more professional looking. Plus, I just look good in blazers!

As for makeup, I’m limiting myself, because there isn’t really much I need. But one thing I’m really wanting is a bright orange nail polish. Specifically, OPI for Sephora’s Caliente Coral:

101196178-260x260-0-0_Sephora Collection SEPHORA by OPI Caliente Coral N

Its just such a beautiful colour! Also, I’m indulging myself and allowing myself to get the October editions of both Luxe Box and Glymm Box, so by October, I’ll have tons of new beauty stuff to play with and tell you about!

What beauty products are you dying to try out?


  1. Orange is awesome for fall!

    Have you ever gotten a Glymm Box before? Is it CA only?

  2. No, this will be my first month getting one, but I have a pretty good idea the type of stuff to expect, as I watched about a thousand different review videos on Youtube before finally purchasing mine!

    Also, if you meant CA to mean Canada, you were right :P, and yes, for now its only Canadian, but I think they are looking to expand sometime in the future.


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