Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5 Ridiculously Expensive Luxury Products I Want Despite the Price

Hey guys! Today's post is just for fun, so I hope you enjoy it. Recently I was thinking about some of the crazy expensive things I want even though the price seems extreme. I'm not including anything that's less than $500, though there could be some things that are less than that seem overpriced for what they are. I'm going with things that are pretty out there for someone of my and my family's income level. I'd love to know some of the crazy expensive things you dream about buying in the comments, so be sure to share those with me in the comments!

I'm going to start with the cheapest product and amp it up from there, so that more expensive products don't diminish the price of slightly more inexpensive things. Soooo, let's just get into it.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T6i DSLR Camera - $1200 CAD

Image from

The most reasonable and possible thing on this list, the Rebel t6i is an awesome DSLR camera that takes gorgeous pictures and video, and would be a huge upgrade for my current Canon ELPH point-and-shoot that I currently take all my video and photos on. It's an upgrade from the older T5i, that most people I've heard talk about cameras seem to use for Youtube, so I think it would be a great choice. It's usually about a thousand dollars, but can be bought on sale for more like eight- or nine-hundred. It allows more control over how things are shot, which would be more helpful than the odd presets my camera has, and also has NFC and WIFI capabilities, which would be awesome for quickly sending photos to my phone to post to my instagram. It also has the option of using an external mic, and it has a flippy screen so I could see what's in the frame when filming and taking selfies without a series of mirrors. Overall, it would be a pretty logical, if extravagant purchase that could ultimately greatly improve my video and photo quality.

2. Alexander Wang Rocco bag in black - ~$1300 CAD

Image from

I'm actually pretty worried that this has been discontinued, because all the logical places to buy this bag seem to be sold out and not stocking it. The Rockie and Rockie mini are still around, which are both smaller versions of the Rocco, but I never loved them as much. I fell in love with this beautiful bag online, but even more deeply when I got to meet one in person at Nordstroms. The leather is soft, the studded feet are shiny and so OTT.

Image from

Yes, the feet make it a very heavy bag, but it's gorgeous and luxurious and so me. Plus the Rocco size is really big, so you can carry lots of stuff if you need to! I'm hoping it isn't gone for good. I always considered this something I would buy myself as a huge reward when I one day had the disposable income to do so. I'm not even too bothered about the hardware colour. I love(d) the silver, rose gold, gold, brass... pretty much everything but the all black.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with black type cover - $1,620 CAD

Image from

You can get this cheaper than I quoted above straight from Microsoft, but since this post is about extravagance, I thought I would go for one of the higher end models, because why settle for the cheapest one if you can get the best?

Also, I know I could easily get a cheaper, comparable laptop, but I love the versatility and uniqueness of the Surface. Basically, it's a tablet, and the typecover is sold separately, but then attached, it's a super thin laptop. It also comes with the Surface pen, which you can write and draw with on the screen, and which can be used to quickly launch applications. I like that becasue it's windows, it would run full windows programs and have access to the full internet experience, unlike an android tablet which would sometimes pop into mobile versions of sites. But you could still use this as a tablet! I dunno, maybe it's silly, maybe I don't need one but I want it!

4. Tesla Model 3 electric car (preferably in blue) - $35,000+ USD

Image from

Here we're jumping up the price points A LOT! To be honest, this isn't on any of my wishlists, because it is so far out of my price range, but I can dream. If I were in the market for a new car (which technically I should be; my car needs to be replaced!), ideally I'd love to buy electric. Yes, they're more expensive, but you never have to buy gas, and it's way better for the environment, especially here, where our electricity is generated so cleanly. And of course, Tesla's are the luxury cars of the electric car market. They're gorgeous, fancy, innovative, and fascinating! There are fancier ones, of course, since the Model 3 is meant to be the affordable addition to the Tesla line up, but to be completely honest, I think it's the best looking car they've put out yet!

I love cute, small cars, and this little guy is compact, but still sleek and pretty sexy. It kinda spans the gap between cute and sexy, in my opinion. The lack of front grill weirds me out a little, since it looks so wrong, but it just isn't necessary on an electric car, and it does look pretty fun and futuristic and just different, when you think about it. So yeah, this is one of my dream luxury products.

5. A long-ass trip to England

Image of Hampton Court Palace from

This is much harder to price out or picture for you, but I've wanted to go to England for as long as I can remember wanting to travel. I vaguely say "long ass trip" because I don't even know how long I'd want to go for! There are so many things I want to do and see in England, Scotland, and Wales, and so many places to go... I can barely start to conceive of how long I would need to do all the things, or how much money it would cost to get there and back, stay at hotels, eat food, and have money for castles, historical sites, museums, transportation, and shopping. I put this below the Tesla for that reason, but also because I imagine I could easily create an awesome trip if I had the luxury of forty thousand dollars to spend on a trip.

Of course, I'll be happy if I get to spend a week in England and do only a fraction of the things I want to do and see a fraction of the things I want to see, but ideally, I'd have pools of time and money to spend on the ultimate UK trip.

Thanks for reading!

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