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30 Day Lipstick Challenge || Update #1 || First 10 days

Hey Guys! If you follow me on Instagram (@glitterOCD), you probably already know that I'm doing a 30-Day Lipstick challenge! I pulled out as many of my lipsticks as I could find (I think I scrounged up about 68), not including some that were provided by PR but which I didn't end up loving.

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I picked out 30 to wear this month, making sure to include at least one from each colour family, as well as one from each brand I owned lipsticks from. I put them all in a makeup bag and I have just been digging through to find a colour for each day. I know some people have prepicked each day's colour, but I wanted some room for choice still!

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There will be 4 of these posts in total to round up all 30 lipsticks I'll wear this month. This first one includes 10 days instead of 7 because, well, 30 just doesn't divide nicely into 4! While I do love some of the colours I wore this week, I did end up picking some of my lesser favourites from the bunch because I didn't want to be left with all my least favourites in the last week!

Finally, I just don't wear a full face of makeup every single day, so some of my lipstick pictures will show just my mouth, especially if my skin has been acting up like it has recently. But the lipstick is what is important here. That said, here are the lipsticks I've worn since Oct 3, and my mini reviews!

Day 1: MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel (with Nightmoth lipliner)

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This lipstick is definitely a favourite for me! It's such a beautiful, deep berry colour, without being crazy vampy dark like some of my other favourites! The formula is great, as the MAC Satins tend to be, but for all-day wear, I recommend some kind a lipliner, whether you use a matching colour or a clear. (Sephora Collection has a good clear lip liner option!) Also, if you don't love the scent of MAC lipsticks, I'm guessing you're some kind of sociopath. =)

Day 2: Too Faced Melted Liquified Lipstick in Melted Peony

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Despite it's nude-ness, I actually really love this shade! Part of that is going to be that I ADORE the Too Face Melted lipstick formula! It goes on so nicely, smells like sugar (not vanilla or fruit, just sugar), and eventually dries down and LASTS! The lighter shade needs a bit more touching up than it's deeper and brighter sisters, but it also fades beautifully back to my natural liptone. This is just such a great go-to no matter what you've got on your eyes. Also, it kind of reminds me of MAC Creme Cup, but with more opacity and lasting power.

Day 3: Marc Jacobs Lipstick in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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This was the mini lipstick that came in this year's Sephora BI birthday gift. It's actually a rather pretty colour; kind of a red-pink-neutral that I'm sure works on lots of skin tones. It's a fairly normal formula, not especially drying, moisturizing, or long-lasting. But solid. Not sure it's worth the Marc Jacobs pricetag though, for me. Still, it has good opacity (nothing sheer here!) and is a great everyday shade I'l definitely keep wearing.

Day 4: NudeStix Lip + Cheek Pencil in Whisper

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By far the weirdest colour in this challenge, for me! I got this from Brit, who got it in a sample kit (Give Me Some Lip 2015, maybe? I don't remember.) and did not like it. I love the idea of it, but its so weird and really washes me out, at least without a full face of makeup. This is either going to end up as something I mix to soften other shades, or I'll never use it. One of the two! It does have good lasting power, for a nude, but it also feels quite heavy on the lips and isn't especially comfortable, though it isn't drying in the same way a liquid lipstick is.

Day 5: NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick in Foiled Again

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The first of several of the NYX Liquid Suedes to be featured in this challenge! I love the formula on these so much! No, they never really dry down all the way, the way some liquid lipsticks do, but they also remain slightly more comfortable because of that, while still lasting a long time. Also, when you need to touch up, these build up again nicely without getting weird and patchy or flakey, which is great. This bright orange is gorgeous, and slightly softer than my other beloved orange: MAC's Morange. This is more of a summer colour with it's brightness, but it is fun and beautiful, and really reminds me of orange creamsicles!

Day 6: Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake

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An oldie, this is still such a great formula. I only ever owned the one colour of these, but it is so creamy and comfortable, and really feels like it's hydrating my lips while also being a beautiful, affordable, slightly sheer dupe for NARS Roman Holiday. Great for everyday with it's soft, bubblegum pinkness, especially with it doubling as a lipbalm!

Day 7: Sephora Collection + Pantone lipstick in Marsala

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No, I'm sorry, you can't get this one anymore... But it is such a beautiful colour that I don't wear often enough, and I had to include it in the challenge! It was the first nearly-brown tone I ever bought, and it was so far outside my comfort zone at the time, but I loved it! It's not a true brown at all, more of a rusty red-brown, but it is such a great warm neutral lipstick that looks great with so many types of eyeshadow, or is almost bold if worn with a natural eye.

Day 8: Ciate Liquid Velvet lipstick in Risque

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This is a gorgeous, vibrant red-orange lipstick, and a great formula. Another liquid matte that never dries completely, but these are marketed as a "moisturizing" matte, and it is quite comfortable, so I think it is doing exactly what it means to! Great applicator swipes colour on beautifully and precisely, which is so important for a colour this vibrant. I should wear this lipstick more, since I always forget how much I like it.

Day 9: NYX Liquid Suede lipstick in Alien

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Yep. Honestly, I'm still convinced this isn't quite a black, but it sure as hell photographs like one! But when I remove it, it always looks like a deep blue on my cotton pad. But yeah, it acts and looks like a black. It's bold, opaque, long-lasting, and doesn't feather. I love it so much, and it may be the best black lipstick I've ever worn. Feathering may look bad on any lipstick, but if you've ever had black lipstick feather around your mouth, you've reached a new level of horrifying makeup, because it makes you look gaunt and dirty and dead and messy all at the same time. This is such a great option, whether you'll wear black out on a regular day like I will, or even if you only want to wear it for costumes, since the formula is so good, and it's only $10.

Day 10: Tom Ford lipstick in Drake

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In my opinion, we aren't ending the week on a high note here, but I didn't go out this day, and didn't want to waste a great lipstick on a no-makeup, barely-left-the-house type of day. Anyways, there's really nothing wrong with this lipstick, exactly, but it isn't my cup of tea. I won this from a blog giveaway (I think it was from Makeup Your Mind?), and kinda thought it was different? Or maybe it was a skintone difference... anyways, this is a shimmery, sheer berry lipstick. It's a pretty good everyday, anytime type of shade, and it's pretty comfortable. It's shiny enough that the shimmer doesn't bug me either. It also smells slightly vanilla, which I like, but yeah. The colour isn't really my thing. And I don't think you can buy this now anyways? Sorry.


Let me know if you have any of these shades, and if your opinion differs from mine! Also, don't forget to come back next week to see my mini reviews for the next 7 lipsticks in the challenge! And let me know if you decide to do this challenge so I can follow you on IG to see which lipsticks you choose. =D

Thanks for reading!

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