Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July 2012 Favourites

Since I’ve pretty much made it a rule for myself that I do my favourites posts before the end of the first week, and its the 7th, I guess I better get this posted!

This month was pretty slow for me in terms of new favourites, as I mostly stuck to my basic routine and products, considering the heat lately in addition to my lack of excess money. However, I do have a few things to share with you:

  1. Seche Vite (again!):
    I’ve said it before, but after a week and a bit without it, I was reminded how much I absolutely adore this top coat!! It makes things go so much faster, especially since I usually do my nails at night. Also, it really makes my manicures last a lot longer. This is seriously a life-saver, and I will always be happy to spend the extra money on it, over a regular topcoat. I would however, be interested in trying some of the other fast-dry topcoats… (Let me know if you have a different favourite fast dry topcoat, especially if you can compare it to Seche!)
  2. Seacret Cuticle oil:

    You might remember seeing this in that manicure box from my last haul post. This is by far the best thing in that box. I love that it smells nice, but not strongly, and that it absorbs really fast! My cuticles have been doing pretty well since I started using it, and a little goes a long way.
  3. Perk by Crazy Rumors French Vanilla Lip Latte:


    I don’t know where I got this—it was probably a Christmas gift one year—but I’ve had it for ages. However, it’s only the last month or so that I’ve really fallen in love with it. I love the texture, and its a coffee lip balm, but it also isn’t super sweet. It’s pretty creamy, and a little thicker than some balms, and really hydrating. On top of that, this is a cruelty free, vegan, all-natural product, with a very short ingredient list.

    As I said, I don’t know what stores, if any, carry these, but they do sell them online, if you’re interested: http://crazyrumors.com/all-natural-lip-balms.html, and they’re only $3.50! They also have tea, pop, and ice cream flavours, apparently!! I wish Canadian shipping wasn’t $13! Let me know if you know where to buy these in store!
  4. K-Pak Revitalux Conditioner:

    I got this in my last Glymm box, and I’ve been using it after the gym. Even though I probably don’t leave it the full suggested time of 3-5 minutes, it does amazing things for my hair, which just feels even softer than usual. And I already like my hair normally! However, there is a real difference between this and a regular conditioner. I can’t remember the price of a full-size (I hate the lack of a product card, glymm! I promise to recycle them if you give them to me!), but I might considering purchasing a full size once my sample bottle runs out, if it isn’t extreme!

Non-cosmetic favourites:

  1. Audiosurf:


    This is a really simple, really awesome game! If you like music, then you’ll love this. You use your own music files stored on your computer and the game generates a course for you to navigate to the song, in which you have to try to get as many points as possible. I have the most fun playing the simplest level, but there are a bunch of levels and difficulties to play around with. Also, if you can find it on sale, it can be as low as $2.50, which is what I bought it for. Regular price I think is about $5 in the Steam store.
  2. American Eagle’s “Midi” length denim shorts:

    ae midi shorts

    For me, these are a life saver. I have large thighs, so I have issues with short shorts and skirts because my tops of my thighs rub and can cause blisters. Because of this,  usually wear some kind of stretchy shorts under my skirts, and I need longer shorts. Usually, that means bermudas, which really aren’t that flattering on my legs, but these shorts are amazing! They are just long enough to cover the problematic part of my legs, and short enough to be flattering. They’re also really stretchy and just so comfortable. I have two pairs now that I cycle between, and I really wish they had more designs, colours, and styles in this length, since my two pairs are almost identical (but with different pocket styles!). Unfortunately, American Eagle only seems to play with colour, sparkles, and washes on their short shorts. Definitely still a love of mine, though!

Giveaway update: I wanted to make the poll go longer, but Blogger’s poll add on has been malfunctioning, and I couldn’t, and I also can’t make a new one, but I wanted to ask you all another question about the giveaway prize! The overwhelming winner of the poll was nail polish, with 7/13 votes, followed by nail art tools and drugstore makeup both with 2/13 votes. So I was wondering, would you guys prefer:

  1. one expensive polish, like OPI or BUTTER?
  2. a couple mid-range polishes, like Sally Hansen or Rimmel?
  3. a few low-end polishes, like Wet’n’Wild or essence?
  4. A mix, like a couple cheap polishes, and one or two cheaper makeup products as well?
  5. Something entirely different?

Let me know in the comments which prize you prefer! Also, what were your favourite products last month?

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  1. Personally the prize I would like to see would be a mix of brands and colours. So maybe a couple of low end in fun colours and maybe one or two higher end products! That way I get to try a lot of brands including some I might not have tried on on my own :)


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